Trump warned Biden not to meet with Putin

The former US president has reached the age of 75, but is struggling eagerly

The great and terrible Donald Trump, on June 14, reached the age of 75. The age is respectable, but the former president of America will not rest. His name is still at the top of the report. He makes scandalous statements, fights ubiquitous opponents – from Democrats to China – and plans for a presidential campaign until 2024. In general, “we only dream of an eternal battle.”

” I should have been in his place, guys! “- this thought reads between the lines of Donald Trump's latest attacks on Democrat Joseph Biden, who replaced him at the White House and embarked on his first presidential trip to Europe.

The former president, not without sarcasm, wished Biden “good luck” in his upcoming communication with Vladimir Putin and advised: “Do not fall asleep during the meeting – and please tell him my warmest wishes.”

Everything worked here – and another use of the nickname “Sleepy Joe” he gave Trump to Biden, and a reminder of his own diplomatic achievements. The former US president took the opportunity to boast of meeting with Putin in Helsinki in 2018: “Despite belated sketches of the meeting in false news, the United States has achieved a lot, including respect for President Putin and Russia.”

By the way, Trump He also received positive words from a Russian leader who, in an interview with NBC on the eve of the Geneva talks with Biden, described former US President Trump as “an extraordinary personality, a talented person.” “Otherwise he would not have become president of the United States,” Vladimir Putin said. “He's a colorful person.”

Be that as it may, don't celebrate the “colorful person” of his 75th birthday in Europe surrounded by world leaders. But perhaps it is for Trump himself and for the better, because America's 45th President's relationship with overseas allies has not developed in the most sincere way.

And Joe Biden, who left for the Old World, not only changed the Trump slogan “America First” to the formula “America Returns,” but also systematically gets rid of his predecessor's legacy. On the very first day of his presidency, he began to leave the legacy of the Republicans. More more. For example, exactly one month ago, the White House website said the US president had repealed seven of his predecessor's decrees at once because it was not in the country's interest – including a decree requiring all potential immigrants to the United States to prove they had US health insurance. The decree on the responsibility of online platforms for the information they disseminated was also repealed. Biden also repealed the decree on the protection of American monuments, memorials and statues, which Trump signed last June, when Black Lives Matter protests across America began demolishing items related to the colonial past and the past of slaves. Biden also rejected Trump's idea of ​​creating a National Garden of American Heroes with statues of “the greatest Americans.”

Of course, poisonous arrows fly from the Trump camp to the new president. Every gross mistake, every failure is the cause of the attack.

“Nothing is a more convincing manifestation of the failed Biden agenda than what is happening now on America's southern borders,” criticizes his rival successor Donald Trump. “We are defending the borders of other countries, but we are not defending our own.”

* * *

Is it any wonder Trump wants revenge? At the recent Republican Forum in North Carolina, GOP Chairman Michael Watley introduced Trump as “our president.”

However, scoffers began to spread rumors on the web that the pants looked strange to Trump – was he wearing them in the back? Then it turned out that the ex-president's pants were fine. But the hashtags on “Trump's pants” have spread across the Internet. Enemies – what can you take from them …

“I did not try to undermine American democracy – I tried to save it,” growled the ex-president from the party action podium.

“America's survival depends on our ability to elect Republicans at all levels, starting with the mid-year elections next year,” Trump told his supporters.

Trump called the current Biden administration “the most radical left in history,” leading to “our country collapsing before our eyes,” he said.

“Now Biden is openly ridiculed by Chinese negotiators, and Russian President Putin has added 'foreign policy oil' to the fire of criticism of the current Trump administration. “They mock him, they humiliate our country.”

Democratic National Committee spokesman Ammar Moussa has tried to discredit Trump in the eyes of Republicans: and House of Representatives ”.

Some Republican leaders fear that an increase in candidates supporting Trump in the coming months could jeopardize the party's struggle for control of Congress in 2022, notes The Guardian. While Trump remains the dominant force in his party, it is very unpopular with key segments of the wider electorate. He lost the last election with 7 million votes after pushing Republican voters out of the suburbs across the country.

And in the middle of the future, Trump is actively trying to get rid of his image of “yesterday's hero”. The current return to yesterday's agenda.

He still insists that he lost the 2020 election unfairly as a result of the “crime of the century”, that his victory was stolen from him by falsifying the results of the vote.

Against the background of the former president's speech at the Republican event in North Carolina, the US press reported that Trump's last White House chief, Mark Meadows, called at the end of last year to incumbent Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen to investigate conspiracy theories that some attackers in Italy used military satellites to influencing voting machines in the United States, which tilted the results in favor of Biden. However, Rosen not only did not comply with these demands, but also directly opposed Trump, referring to former Attorney General William Barr's view that there were no large-scale frauds in the 2020 elections.

* * *

Another return of Donald Trump to yesterday's rhetoric was his new attacks on a leading expert on infectious diseases, the chief medical officer. Advisers to the President of the United States Anthony Fauci in connection with his actions in connection with the pandemic crisis. Trump called Fauci “not a great doctor, but a great promoter” for his frequent appearances on television: “But he was wrong in almost everything and he was wrong in Wuhan and in the laboratory.”

The former president of the United States does not oppose arrogating laurels to save hundreds of thousands of American lives, defying Fauci's instructions in everything. Trump recalled that it was he who suddenly closed the American borders, although Dr. Fauci objected: “Many months later, he admitted that it was the right decision, but he himself did not want to close the borders at once.”

“Now everyone … is starting to say that President Trump was right about the Chinese virus coming from the Wuhan lab,” said the former White House chief. “The correspondence between Dr. Fauchi and China is too loud to be ignored.”

And, of course, Trump's new demands on China to pay huge compensation in connection with the pandemic have become a repetition of the past. The ex-president even announced a specific amount due in his opinion from Beijing – $ 10 trillion.

Here, by the way, Trump can feel on horseback – after all, during his presidency, the topic of the coronavirus leak from a Chinese laboratory was rejected by all mainstream politicians and the media as a “conspiracy theory.” Biden has now given the US intelligence community 90 days to investigate the origins of COVID-19, including the possibility of a “leak” from the Wuhan Laboratory.

Trump's enthusiasm for the coronavirus story is understandable – the damage caused by the pandemic became almost the main reason for his defeat in the 2020 presidential election.

* * *

Trump is still crushing his political opponents from the democracy camp, who are finally trying to destroy him after two attempts to prosecute. “It was a five-year witch hunt, fraud after fraud,” the ex-president says and predicts. “It will not stop until November 2024.” information on the value of real estate to secure loans and obtain economic and tax incentives.

The investigation began after Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen told Congress in 2019 that Trump's organization had inflated the value of its assets to insurance companies, allowing them to obtain loans on more favorable terms while benefiting from real estate tax benefits. And if the investigation had previously been of a civilian nature, then a few weeks ago it became clear that the case had been transferred to a criminal plane.

It is clear that Trump claims that the investigation is politically motivated. According to the ex-president, a “crusade” is being waged against him.

Cut off from the social networks who left the White House more than four months ago, Trump is in a difficult situation with his ambitions. He will have to give his best, travel around the country and speak at rallies and public events of his supporters – both to support the candidates and to encourage voters not to forget him.

And Trump really has trouble accessing the public. Recently, Facebook decided to suspend the former president's account for two years to incite his supporters to attack the Capitol in Washington. And at the end of the suspended period, Facebook promises experts that it will assess the public safety risk associated with renewing Trump's account.

It's only been about a month since Trump's team launched a new ex-president's website called the “beacon of freedom” and “a place where you can speak freely and safely.” But this strange source (“From Donald J. Trump's desk”) ordered a long social network to live. ” However, it is possible that the fact is that Trump's Internet mouthpiece, repeating his accusations of falsifying the 2020 presidential election, simply did not receive the expected support and attracted, as the Washington Post writes, “an extremely small audience.” This is not surprising, because the former president's website looked depressingly unprofessional – only Trump himself could post with pictures and videos, and his followers could only share his posts on their own social media accounts.

So far, one thing is clear – Trump is being chased by failure after failure. However, the 70-year-old politician looks so calm that he seems to know something that gives him real hope of returning to the White House in four years …


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