He explained Russia's congratulations on Russia's day: “Separate Putin from the people”

Americans are trying to show that not everything is so bad in bilateral relations.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, on behalf of the US government, congratulated the Russians on Russia Day. He also stressed that Washington wants to establish constructive relations with Moscow. In addition, according to the diplomat, the United States wants to support the Russian people in their desire for peaceful cooperation with the international community on issues of global concern. Why the head of the Foreign Ministry decided to congratulate the Russians on Russia Day, asked MK experts.

Vice President of the Center for Political Technology: Alexei Makarkin believes that Blinken most likely wants to create a favorable climate before the US-Russia summit. “The event will be unique because such meetings are usually organized when relations between the parties are in the warming phase.” In particular, the parties refuse to make harsh statements that could spoil the negotiations, etc. We have the opposite situation. Despite the fact that the authorities of Russia and the United States are trying to work out a common agenda, relations between them are very bad. Confidence between them is even less than when Brezhnev and Nixon agreed on a detente. Putin was called a murderer, Russia withdrew from the open skies treaty. No wonder Americans are trying to prove in this situation that not everything is so bad in bilateral relations. “

At the same time, Americans hardly expect high expectations from the summit itself. Washington probably wants to work out a common agenda with Russia that will not conflict. They want Russia's position to be more predictable, but they do not want to give any guarantees in return. Russia, on the other hand, needs only guarantees from the United States that Ukraine, for example, will not join NATO, etc.

Chief researcher at the US and Canadian Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences: Vladimir Vasiliev says the two sides are exchanging various signals: NBC interview, Maria Zakharova speaks … Well, Blinken, his party, decided to make a statement using a formal opportunity – Russia's Independence Day. At the same time, such things can be interpreted in two dimensions. In particular, the Americans have decided to emphasize again that from their point of view Putin is not the same as Russia and do not want to confuse these concepts. In this respect, the words about friendship and cooperation are intended primarily for the people – the general public. “

Usually, such statements are made with regard to the psychological impact. But in 3-4 days, Americans will not achieve anything like that. In this respect, it will not affect anything in the forthcoming negotiations. The effect may be felt in the future, but it will depend a lot on how the meeting between Biden and Putin takes place and how Washington interprets it.

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