The US has accelerated the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan: a new war awaits the country

The government's chances of maintaining power are slim.

The military situation in Afghanistan is constantly escalating. In many ways, this process was provoked by Washington's decision to withdraw its troops. Taliban fighters (an organization banned in Russia) are actively seizing opportunities to strengthen their positions.


It was known that the withdrawal of most of the US military from Afghanistan would be completed in early July and the remaining 650 troops would leave Afghan territory by September 11, the 20th anniversary of the famous terrorist attacks in the United States.

General Mark Millie, chairman of the US Chiefs of Staff, said the Taliban had control of 81 of Afghanistan's 419 regional centers as of June 23. According to him, only 21 districts have been captured in the last 2 months. He also noted that the captured cities have no special significance because they are not the centers of the provinces.

The Pentagon's estimates differ from those of independent military analysts, who say the Taliban already controls about 50 percent of Afghanistan's territory. 17 of 34 provinces.

Mark Milli is convinced that the Afghan government army will be able to deal with the Taliban alone. However, the US intelligence service is more pessimistic. The US intelligence community has announced that it estimates that the Afghan military has a great chance of being defeated just 6 or 12 months after the final withdrawal of US and NATO forces. The Wall Street Journal reported.

After the withdrawal of US Taliban troops despite the resistance of Afghanistan, it continues to advance through the territory of Afghanistan. Here is a military chronicle of the last days. On June 21, the Taliban captured a military base in Takhar Province and seized weapons depots. On the morning of June 22, the Taliban captured the area of ​​Imam Sahib and the Afghan port of Sherah Bandar, and in the evening it captured another 12 districts in eight provinces.

On June 24, the Taliban published a report on captured trophies in the Gusfandi and Sancharak areas: 7 undamaged Humvees armored vehicles (military version of the Hammer), 11 Rangers, ZK-1 anti-aircraft complex. The trophies include 11 Kalashnikov assault rifles, 20 hand grenades, 25 hand grenade launchers, 4 PK machine guns, 2 DShK machine guns, 1 cannon, 2 mortars, 50 bulletproof vests. A large amount of ammunition and 6 radio stations were also confiscated.

The military victories of the terrorists stunned the Afghan army so much that & nbsp; in addition to regular soldiers & nbsp; Taliban forces & quot; ; Even special forces of the Afghan army began to surrender. Some Afghan military units fleeing the Taliban cross the border into neighboring countries, including Uzbekistan.

Intensive hostilities have continued in recent days in various parts of Afghanistan. The Afghan government has not given up on terrorists and is using military planes to attack their positions. For example, on June 25, the government army launched airstrikes on a Taliban concentration in Kunduz Province and even successfully completed a ground operation in the Sajed Karam area.

The coming weeks and months will show what forces will prevail in Afghanistan.


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