Moskalkova will check the legality of inclusion in the foreign agents of the center “”

Photo: Natalia Muschinkina

Russia's Human Rights Ombudsman Tatyana Moskalkova promised to address the inclusion of the human rights center “” (recognized in Russia as a foreign agent) on the list of non-profit organizations – foreign agents. She promised to send a request to the Ministry of Justice.

“In the case of an organization that has been recognized as a foreign agent. If you provide details about it, I will take them for verification and send the necessary appeals to the Ministry of Justice, “Moskalková said in response to the listener's question during her speech at the summer school” Human Rights for Future Generations “in Kazan.

The official noted that she had no information as to why an organization protecting women from violence was recognized as a foreign agent. She emphasized that she was a supporter of the law on the fight against domestic violence.

“I think it is useful and has produced good results in other countries,” Moskalková said.

The Ombudsman was also asked whether it was necessary to establish the post of Ombudsman for Women's Rights in Russia. Moskalkova replied that it was not worth “diluting the institution of the commissioner.”


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