The Turkish authorities report the risk of border closure due to coronavirus


Turkey can again close border for tourists due to the spread of coronavirus. This was discussed at an online meeting of the Council of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Antalya (ATSO), says Haber Turk.

ATSO President Davut Cetin said at the meeting that the tourist flow in August 2021, despite the pandemic and fires, comparable to the data for August 2019. However, the anti-epidemiological measures taken are not enough to limit the spread of coronavirus.

“We need vaccinations. I call on the services sector, public places, to enforce the rules. If we do not want the closure to be repeated, we must take more serious measures, “he said.

Cetin added that everything must be done so that we do not lose tourists, because the economic crisis in Antalya is still not over. He stressed that despite the influx of tourists in August this year, this year is still half that of 2019 – 5.5 million compared to 10.5 million two years ago.

There were more than 19.6 thousand new cases of coronavirus in Turkey the day before.


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