The reason for the hospitalization of Belarusian opposition leader Kolesnikova has been named

Photo: Video clip

In Telegram- The channel of opposition Belarusian politician Maria Kolesnikova named the reason why she was hospitalized on November 28. As it turned out, she was transferred to a surgical pathology hospital.

On Monday, she underwent surgery. He is currently in stable, serious condition with improvement. As early as November 30, she should be transferred to the surgical department.

Earlier it was reported that the oppositionist Maria Kolesnikova was in the intensive care unit in Belarus. She was taken to an ambulance in Gomel.

Maria Kolesnikova was sentenced by the court to 11 years in prison. The politician was a member of the Presidium of the Coordination Council of the Belarusian Opposition and the election staff of ex-presidential candidate Babarik. She was charged with conspiracy to seize power, as well as calling for a power grab and creating an extremist organization. The activist did not admit guilt.


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