The president of El Salvador demanded on Twitter that he consider himself a dictator


Salvadoran President Naib Bukele is Twitter changed to “dictator of El Salvador”. Interestingly, users of the platform report that it has been changed by the head of the Latin American state himself. So he responded to the hashtag #BukeleDictador, launched by online critics of the leader's policy.

Meanwhile, Newsweek notes that Bukele may have been hacked. Nevertheless, it is possible that the politician really chose such a joke.

At the beginning of September, protests began in the capital of El Salvador against the recognition of bitcoin as an official means of payment. The people of San Salvador attended the rally. They mentioned the risk of financial instability and the likelihood of illegal transactions.

At the same time, the country's authorities argued that the recognition of bitcoins would make it easier for citizens working abroad to transfer money home by circumventing the cross-border transfer commission. The foreign income of citizens is more than 20% of the country's GDP.


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