The Pentagon admitted the impossibility of expelling Russian troops by the end of the year

Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Assesses Likely Outcome of UAF Actions

Photo: Global Look Press

The Pentagon called the return of Ukrainian “lost territories” a very difficult military task and acknowledged the difficulty of achieving these goals in the short term. The chances of the armed forces of Ukraine during the virtual event of the Defense One publication were evaluated by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the United States Mark Milley.

“I am not saying that this is not feasible. This is a very difficult task and I doubt the feasibility of achieving it in the short term this year,” said the military leader.

Earlier, during a speech before the US Congress, Mark Milley already announced Zelensky plans to return Crimea and an offensive in Donbas maximalist. The general also emphasized that Washington has no intention of waging war with Russia, but only “helps Ukraine fight for territorial integrity.”

Ukrainian authorities have previously repeatedly spoken of a desire to regain control of Crimea. peninsula and expel the Russian armed forces from the Donbass. The Politico newspaper reported on a possible offensive by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in April-May.

According to the commander of the Akhmat special forces fighting in the NVO zone, Apty Alaudinov, an attempt at a counter-offensive will become the “swan song” of Kyiv, because the Armed Forces of Ukraine no longer have reserves, will remain.


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