The new German government has made it a condition to lift sanctions against Russia


If the Russian authorities comply with the Minsk Agreement then Germany will lift sanctions from it. This is stated by the coalition agreement concluded by the Social Democrats, Liberals and the Greens on Wednesday.

Berlin therefore demands an immediate end to attempts to “destabilize Ukraine”. Eastern Ukraine. In addition, Germany is waiting to hand over Crimea to Kiev.

The document states that the path to a peaceful solution to the conflict in Ukraine, as well as the lifting of anti-Russian sanctions, “depends”. on the full implementation of the Minsk agreements. “

And the future cabinet of ministers of the Federal Republic of Germany intends to push for an extension of sanctions against Belarus unless Minsk changes its policy. Earlier, the parties representing the new German government signed a coalition agreement. & Nbsp; It outlines the main points on the political agenda of the future government.

Relations between Russia and the West deteriorated in 2014, when a referendum was held in Crimea. As a result, an overwhelming majority voted in favor of returning to Russia. However, Kiev and Western countries have accused Russia of annexing the peninsula. Russia has also been found guilty of a deteriorating situation in the Donbas. However, Russia denies the allegations and declares them inadmissible.


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