The Foreign Affairs Committee took note of several organizations

And promised to help the Prosecutor General's Office

Work on identifying foreign agent organizations in Russia should continue and the Public Committee on the Identification of Foreign Influences will contribute to this. This was stated by the chairman of the committee “MK” Alexander Ionov. He commented that the Attorney General of the Russian Federation recognizes the activities of the American educational foreign non-governmental organization “Bard College” (Bard College), which are undesirable in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Alexander Ionov. Photo:

Ionov noted that this was due to an appeal by a public committee. “We continue to work to identify foreign agent organizations in Russia.” And as everyone has seen, we do it consistently and efficiently. Yesterday Medusa, today Bard College and tomorrow we have several other organizations on the list, “said Ionov.

According to him, “some of these structures are now completely stopping their activities in Russia, we are also quite satisfied with this possibility.” From a number of structures with foreign funding. Ionov recalled that the NGO Bard College “is part of a global network of controlled educational institutions designed to educate Russian youth pro-Western, shape protest voters and instill a hostile ideology in relation to their country.” The director of Bard College is a close associate and protégé of George Soros, Leon Botstein, noted Ionov.

According to him, Soros's structures in Russia were also preparing a springboard for their manipulations. “The goals and objectives of all these pro-Western structures in our country are clear.” We hope that the Attorney General will continue to work to protect constitutional order and civil peace in Russia. We will help it in all possible ways, “said Ionov.


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