The CEC announced three targeted attacks from abroad

Photo: Michail Kovalev

CEC announced the first day of voting targeted computer attacks on department resources. They all came from abroad. & Nbsp;

„17. September, we recorded three targeted attacks from abroad, “said the head of the Federal Center for Informatization (FCI) within the Central Election Commission. Russia, Alexander Sokolchuk said at a briefing today.

At the same time, he did not name the countries from which the attack was carried out, but it was a controversial issue due to technical problems.

According to him, unknown hackers tried to identify the vulnerability of the Russian CEC's Internet portal.

“I mean, the attack was quite strong,” he added.

Also according to Sokolchuk on Saturday at 11:30 & nbsp; the DDoS attack and protective equipment on Russia's CEC portal blocked about 246,000 requests. He ruled out that the main attack would be carried out on Sunday. & Nbsp;


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