Lukashenko pardoned the polluter of the flag and a commentator on the Telegram

13 lucky people are released from the list of 100 people

On the eve of the Day of National Unity, Alexander Lukashenko pardoned 13 opposition people who were serving their sentences in the country's colonies. The President of Belarus was asked to show mercy on August 9 during the Great Conversation. At the same time, he received lists of 100 prisoners recommended for release. 13% of them were awarded.

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According to the chairwoman of the special commission, Olga Chupris, who said about the act of grace the day before, the release of such a small part of the prisoners is due to the fact that not everyone had the right to do so. For example, about a quarter of the prisoners on the list have not yet been convicted, 17 people are constantly violating their sentences, and more than a dozen have committed crimes related to drug or arms trafficking or corruption.

And some on the list refused to write a petition for mercy addressed to President Lukashenko. For example, opposition leader Nikolai Statkevich. And yet 13 people are now leaving the cells. Olga Chupris did not mention the names of the pardoned. But Belarusian activists have identified the identity of a few lucky ones.

Nurse Julia Kaševerová from Vitebsk was among those released. She was sentenced to 1.5 years in prison for kicking a police bus and removing a mask from a security officer. In court, Julia said her actions were related to security forces preventing her from providing assistance to the injured protester.

Maxim Shavlinsky from Orsha, who was also pardoned, was sentenced to 2 years of “chemistry” for comments in a telegram chat. Viktor Kalinovskiy from Brest received 2.5 years of “chemistry” for inscriptions at bus stops and at trade stalls. Valery Loza from Svetlogorsk was sentenced to 2.5 years for insulting a law enforcement officer and also pardoned Igor Bykovskikh and Sergei Rudinsky. Evgeny Poshelyuk was given two years for desecrating the national flag. He is now also released. The names of the other pardoners are not yet known.


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