Swedish residents are urging the United States not to confuse the “Havana syndrome” with a hangover

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Readers Swedish edition Dagens Nyheter ridiculed an article about a statement by CIA Director William Burns. He said Russia could be behind the inexplicable episodes of the deteriorating health of American diplomats. We are talking about the so-called “ Havana syndrome & # 39; & # 39 ;.

As a result, some users have noted that we are talking about a common hangover. At the same time, according to the publication, Russia and President Vladimir Putin are personally, humorously pointed out by the commentator.

Another user, nicknamed Thomas Hultunen, is waiting for evidence to believe it. At the same time, they claim that if the information comes from a military organization in the United States or even Sweden, then “ you must keep your ears open.“

“ It seems that these Russians & ndash; really playful & quot ;, & ndash; he said in another comment.

Another commentator suggested that it could be a diplomatic imaginary illness, such as an allergy to electricity. Some had it at the beginning of the last century.

CIA Director William Burns has previously suggested that Russia may be behind the unexplained episodes of deteriorating health of US diplomats, the so-called Havana Syndrome. & # 39 ;. The CIA chief also assured that his department is determined to investigate what happened.

This is a wave of unpleasant symptoms that began in Cuba among American diplomats, which were probably the result of controlled energy. As it turned out, two other American officials experienced similar feelings.

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