A former intelligence officer accused the United States of moving to the USSR

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USA they are turning into a totalitarian country and reminiscent of the USSR, said former US military intelligence officer Rebecca Koffler.

She recalled that she herself was born and raised in the Soviet Union, from which she eventually emigrated. He knows firsthand how “the government is spying on ordinary citizens.” Recent revelations of NSA surveillance returned it “ 30 years ago & # 39; & # 39 ;, says Koffler, according to Fox News.

The former officer added that it was not possible to criticize the leader or the socialist system in the USSR. For this, they could be expelled from school or fired from work. And now similar events are taking place in the United States.

Koffler claims that the so-called “ correct & # 39; & # 39 ;. opinion is the position of the ruling class. The same citizens, whose views contradict the established dogmas of the liberals, are expelled and boycotted.

In addition, the former officer found that they were increasingly calling for socialism in the United States. The state can promise free education, medicine, but residents should be careful. She recalled that under socialism there is usually a shortage of consumer goods. The leading parties had everything. They had cars, televisions and other equipment.

In her opinion, the situation is now similar in the USA. She recalled that during the pandemic, politicians ate in expensive restaurants and also went on holiday while ordinary citizens were quarantined.

As a result, according to Koffler, all of these factors speak of a transformation of the United States into & quot; USSR 2.0 & quot ;. She called on the Americans to stop it.

CIA Director William Burns previously said that U.S. intelligence services were considering applying Cold War approaches with the Soviet Union to current Chinese work. & Nbsp; He added that during the confrontation between the USSR and the US, the Foreign Ministry, together with the CIA, focused its actions on the “ proactive deployment '' of its employees in the Soviet Union. U.S. intelligence officers are investigating how to implement this type of deployment of Chinese specialists

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