Recognition, qualifications & eligibility

Completed an accredited architectural degree recognised by the professional architectural accreditation body whether in the Country of Origin or Host Country or assessed and recognised as having the equivalent of such a degree. The education for architects should be no less than five (5) years duration delivered on a full time basis in an accredited program in an accredited/ validated university in the Country of Origin while allowing flexibility for equivalency.

– a current and valid professional registration or licensing certificate to practise architecture in the Country of Origin issued either by the Professional Regulatory Authority (PRA) of the ASEAN Member Countries and in accordance with its policy on registration/licensing/certification of the practice of architecture or the Monitoring Committee pursuant to Article 4.2.2 and item 1.2 of Appendix B of this Arrangement.

– acquired practical and diversified experience of not less than ten (10) years of continuous practice of architecture after graduation, of which at least five (5) years shall be after licensure/ registration and at least two (2) years of which shall be in responsible charge of significant architectural works as stipulated in Appendix D – format 3;

– complied with the Continuing Professional Development (CPO) policy of the country of Origin at a satisfactory level;

– obtained certification from the Professional Regulatory Authority (PRA) of the Country of Origin with no record of serious violation on technical, professional or ethical standards, local and international, for the practice of architecture; and

– complied with any other requirements agreed upon by the ASEAN Architect Council (AAC) is eligible to apply to the ASEAN Architect Council (AAC) to be registered as an ASEAN Architect (AA) under the ASEAN Architect Register (AAR).

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