The US promises new sanctions against Nord Stream 2


The US government will continue to save new sanctions against Russian companies involved in the Nord Stream 2 project. US Presidential Adviser Joe Biden Jake Sullivan told CNN.

In addition, Washington is preparing a new package of sanctions for the situation with Alexei Navalny. “ We are preparing another package of sanctions to apply in this case, “ & mdash; Sullivan pointed out.

Earlier, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken discussed with Polish Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau the threat posed by the construction of Nord Stream 2. Americans believe that this project threatens the European Union's energy security. According to Washington, the basis of energy security in Europe is a reduction in the supply of hydrocarbons from Russia. That is why the Russian gas pipeline has become a major threat.

The Americans have long opposed the project. It has to sell its liquefied natural gas to the EU. Washington has been imposing sanctions on building contractors for the third year in a row.


In Germany, he publishes an article by Putin on the 80th anniversary of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War


Russian President Vladimir Putin has prepared an article on 80th anniversary of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War. This was reported in Moscow. Kremlin. Putin on TV channel Russia 1.

This material will be published in one of the leading German publications. In addition, on June 22, Putin will lay flowers at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and deliver a speech.

Vladimir Putin's articles on World War II have previously been published in various publications in Russia and the world. In particular, an article on the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory was published on the US National Interest website in June 2020. It was called “ Vladimir Putin: Real Lessons from the 75th Anniversary of World War II“ (Vladimir Putin: A Real Lesson from the 75th Anniversary of World War II). war).

In it he speculated about the premises of the war. Putin also assessed the consequences of the tragedy and called for lessons to be learned. Meanwhile, the Russian president has noted attempts by a number of European politicians to hide some facts that may present their countries in an unfavorable light.


After the summit, the General Staff expects constructive relations with the United States


Head of the Russian General Staff of the Army Valery Gerasimov He said that bilateral relations between the Russian Federation and the United States would develop more positively after the presidents' summit in Geneva.

“We felt a constructive approach,” Gerasimov said. “It seems to me that both our countries will follow this path.”

The general was one of the participants in the meeting between Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden in Switzerland on 16 June. During the talks, the leaders of both countries discussed, among other things, issues of strategic stability.


Representative Irina Belykh commented on Shogu and Lavrov's entry into the United Russia list

Photo: Sergey Nikolaev

Member of the Duma Committee for state-building and legislation Irina Belykh (ER) commented on the creation of the first five federal candidate lists for United Russia in the State Duma elections on September 19. Belykh drew attention to the entry into the top five of Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

“Very cool proposal for the list of the top five. Sergei Viktorovich, Sergei Kuzhugetovich is the mind, strength, power of the country. Devotion, discipline! He said – he did. I'm proud to be on the team!” – she said. Irina Belykh.

The representative stressed the importance of Sergei Shoigu's contribution to the historical and patriotic projects he oversees – especially the speech on the unique place “Memory of the People”, where you will find a huge database of documents related to the history of World War II. As for Sergei Lavrov, Belykh noted his work in combating attempts to forge history. “One of the foundations, which fully corresponds to the national interests of our country,” described the member of the activity of Shoigu and Lavrov.


The Ministry of the Interior has developed a new award system that eliminates all “gaps”

The decision was announced by the head of the department Vladimir Kolokoltsev

Russian Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev introduced a new system of awarding prizes and incentives to subordinates. Special attention is paid to the position of heads of regional department heads.

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Staff decisions will be therefore coordinated to the Investigation Department of the Ministry of the Interior. The department will also check the crime detection rate in a specific region.

“Check the crime detection rate as the most important indicator of the work of this or that headquarters,” said a URA source. ŽP.

The corresponding decision was announced by Kolokoltsov on May 28, 2021. In the past, the factor of solving crimes was often not taken into account – this led to an unfair distribution of prices.

It should be noted that the incentives are accompanied by a lump sum of up to 300 thousand rubles. The fact of the award is highly valued and has a positive effect on the further progress of the service.

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Russian Ambassador Antonov boarded a plane to the United States


Ambassador Russia in Washington Anatoly Antonov arrived at Sheremetyevo's main airport on the morning of June 20 and boarded a plane that would soon fly to the United States.

An agreement between the two countries to resume the work of ambassadors was reached during a summit in Geneva on June 16 between Presidents Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden. Russia's foreign ministry later said the head of the diplomatic mission Antonov would spend the next working week in Washington.

US Ambassador to Moscow John Sullivan has announced that he will return to work soon.


Media: 20,000 people will be admitted to the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics


was not accepted by more than 20,000 people. This number includes VIP guests and their companions. Kyodo claims this.

The Summer Olympic Games were to take place in late July – early August last year. However, due to the pandemic, the competition was postponed for a year. The Olympics will begin on July 23 and end on August 8.

In March, it was decided to hold the Olympics without foreign fans. Locals will be admitted to the stalls. However, he must follow several rules. Always wear masks first. And secondly, don't shout or cheer on the stadium. If the epidemiological situation worsens, there will be a competition with empty stalls.


Lukashenko said he was “fed” by anti-coronavirus antibodies

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Alexander Lukashenko explained why cannot be vaccinated. It controls the level of antibodies. And when the indicators fall, the Belarusian president goes to the “red zones” of hospitals and is “fed” with antibodies.

Lukashenko told about it during his visit to the 2nd Children's Children's Hospital in Minsk. He also asked the staff of the medical facility if they checked the antibody titer and what indicators.

The head of Belarus added that he did not see the need to introduce compulsory vaccination against COVID-19 in the country. At least while the situation in the country remains relatively stable. However, he is ready to consider this option if the number of cases starts to increase sharply.

Lukashenko announced that he had a coronavirus in July last year. In addition, he believes that he suffered from the disease almost without symptoms. And the doctors told him he was sick. Since then, the head of Belarus has refused to vaccinate.


Putin's veto on false law in the media was hidden for three days

Obviously, it won't spoil the grand finale of the Duma's work.

President Putin has vetoed a “fake” law passed by both chambers, which allows journalists and the media to be fully responsible for referring to a fake report from another media outlet. This is the second veto of the head of state for all 5 years of the State Duma of this convocation.

State Duma meeting. Source: website of the State Duma of the Russian Federation

As you know, Vladimir Putin rarely uses his constitutional right to block the entry into force of a law passed by parliament. If the “yamb” is revealed from the Kremlin's point of view after the State Duma voted “for”, the document is usually wrapped by the Federation Council, but this is not a very common case. This assembly holds a presidential veto for the second time in five years: in December 2016, under pressure from public parent organizations, a law was passed to create a unified student registration system.

The law, which the head of state now categorically disliked, was a law that changed unexpectedly and radically as it went through various stages of reflection. When it was introduced last summer, signed by United Russia Sergei Boyarsky and Yevgeny Revenko, he only suggested clarifying the rules on age marking in the media law and it looked quite harmless – the media themselves were interested in clarifying these rules. But in the second reading, which took place on May 18, 2021, an amendment signed by the same authors on a completely different topic appeared in the text. The regulations of the State Duma in fact prohibit a change in the concept of the law after its adoption at first reading, but unfortunately this is happening.

What is the essence of the matter? Now, Article 57 of the Media Act exempts an editorial office, editor-in-chief or journalist from administrative or even criminal liability for disseminating false information if an insidious fake “literally reproduces news and materials or fragments thereof distributed by other store media, including online publications.” “He referred to information from another medium – it is a different medium and should be punished if the information turns out to be a lie.

So Mr Boyarsky's and Revenko's amendments, supported by the Committee on Information Policy, Information Technology and Communications, by a majority of MEPs and senators, proposed punishing journalists or the editorial board for bogus ones, citing a source that was properly cited (not sleep), if not possible find and prosecute the media editor-in-chief who generated the false information. It is impossible to punish the lie of the one who invented it – they will punish the one who believed this lie and spread it. By the way, the fines for spreading false information are very serious. For editors, they will reach several million rubles …

When the bill was discussed by the State Duma in the second decisive reading, the spokesman, Mr. Boyarsky, did not even briefly tell his colleagues about the substance of the changes made to the document: “ready for second reading, three amendments were made, supported.” votes of the United Russia faction. Neither the government representative nor the president in the State Duma had any comments …

All decisions on the presidential veto usually attract the attention of the general public and are announced immediately upon adoption. But here's a different story. The decision, according to information in the electronic database of the Duma's legislative work, was made by Mr Putin on 15 June. On the same day, a letter signed by the head of state arrived at the State Duma and sent to the relevant committee on 16 June. The State Duma worked on the 16th and 17th, but no one said a word about the sentence – apparently so as not to spoil the solemn finals of the convocation with such a clear indication of marriage.

As the text of the letter itself has not yet been published, it is not yet possible to find out with certainty exactly what the President did not agree with. Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov, who answered questions from journalists, said briefly on June 18 that the law had been sent for revision because Vladimir Putin “had questions to relieve the media of responsibility.”

What will be next? The law returned to the State Duma. The Constitution leaves several possibilities. First, parliament may try to overcome the president's veto – it requires that the constitutional majority of both chambers be prepared to insist. Secondly, a conciliation commission can be set up to finalize the law, taking into account the President's remarks, and after the changes have been made, the law has been adopted again – a possibility suggested by Mr Peskov. By the way, in December 2016, according to a previously rejected law, such a commission was created, but no compromise could be reached and the law was simply removed from consideration.

As it may be, it will now be necessary to address the issue following the Eighth Convening State Duma elections, said Alexander Khinshtein (“ER”), head of the Duma's Committee on Information Policy, Information Technology and Communications. He believes there is a problem with the media's responsibility for quoting, and the idea of ​​the law should be completed: “When someone reprints a piece from a” black “site, it can be nothing more than a blackie campaign and the responsibility for that should be.”


The West boycotted the exhibition of Belarusian weapons MILEX-2021

Arms companies from Russia, China and Turkey to come to Minsk

The International Exhibition of Arms and Military Equipment “MILEX-2021” will take place on the tenth anniversary in Minsk from 23 to 26 June 2021. However, compared to last year, this time many Western countries refused to participate in the defense exhibition in Minsk.

Foto: Fotografie z videa

MILEX is the largest international arms salon. The exhibition is held every two years. The aim is to present the products of Belarus' defense industry in the field of high technologies and to demonstrate the potential of military enterprises. The organizers of the exhibition are the State Military-Industrial Committee and the Ministry of Defense of Belarus. The exhibition program also includes an international scientific conference.

In 2019, MILEX was visited by 59 official delegations from 35 countries. Hundreds of companies from many countries presented their products. In 2021, however, the extent of overseas representation decreased significantly. This was due to a new package of Western sanctions imposed on Belarus after the 2019 presidential election by a massive opposition rally.

The situation with sanctions worsened after an Irish airline plane made an emergency landing in Minsk and two of its passengers, Roman Protasevich and Sofia Sapega, were detained. Western countries have imposed restrictions on the flights of their aircraft in Belarusian airspace and have also banned Belarusian airlines from flying to Europe. Sanctions also affected the defense exhibition in Minsk.

In 2019, companies from Brazil, Germany, Italy, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, Ukraine, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and other countries arrived at MILEX in Minsk. In 2021, most of these companies decided not to participate in the Belarusian exhibition.

Only companies from Russia, China, Turkey, Iraq and Uzbekistan announced their participation in MILEX-2021.

Rosoboronexport again announced a wide participation in the MILEX-2021 fair and the company's course for military-technical cooperation with Belarus. Alexander Mikheev, CEO of Rosoboronexport, said that it was proposed to implement joint projects for the production of military equipment and expand the areas of interaction.