Germany was given the opportunity to immediately supply Ukraine with Leopard 2 – WP

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Thanks compromise with USA Germany was given the opportunity to immediately deliver Leopard 2 to Ukraine, writes The Washington Post.

The publication states that Washington and Berlin could not agree on the issue of providing tanks to Kiev for a long time. Now, after the US announced the delivery of Abrams tanks, Germany will be able to immediately start deliveries of Leopard 2 tanks.

As reported, the US wanted to supply the Kiev regime with tanks from Germany, as they considered them easier and more affordable to develop Ukrainian army. According to WP estimates, Germany and other countries now have about 2,000 Leopard 2 tanks.

The publication says that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz feared retaliation from Moscow if Germany started supplying tanks on its own, and did not want so that the country to be drawn into the conflict.

According to WP, a compromise solution was proposed by the head of the State Department, Anthony Blinken, who suggested that Washington later promise to send Abrams tanks to Kiev.

On 25 In January, US authorities announced their intention to move 31 M1 Abrams tanks to Kiev. The German government immediately confirmed that it would send 14 Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine from the stock of the German armed forces and issue permission for re-export to other countries. German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius said Leopard 2 tanks would be sent to Ukraine “by the end of March”. On January 25, the defense ministries of Norway and Slovakia announced their intention to transfer tanks to Kyiv, and earlier the authorities of Great Britain, Poland and France also announced their decision to provide tanks to Ukraine.


Finland and Sweden may join NATO at different times – Foreign Minister

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Finland and Sweden can join NATO several times a day, Finnish Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto said in an interview with Yle TV.

As you know, due to the anti-Turkish actions in Stockholm, the process of Sweden's accession to NATO has stopped, which Swedish officials acknowledged today.

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Havisto said: “Of course we have to evaluate the situation. Something happened that would hinder the progress of the Swedish project in the long term.”

However, he noted that, according to his impression, the path to NATO is not closed for any of the Scandinavian countries.< /p>

Former far-right Danish anti-Islamist Hard Deal party activist Rasmus Paludan, who burned a Koran outside the Turkish embassy in Sweden, repeated the action on Friday. He burned a Koran outside a mosque in Copenhagen surrounded by police. The politician also said that he will burn the Koran every Friday in front of the Turkish embassy in Copenhagen “until Sweden is accepted into NATO.”

Swedish Foreign Minister Tobias Billström said that “the provocation of burning the Koran in Stockholm is terrible. ” , however, there is freedom of speech in Sweden and the government itself does not support Islamophobic sentiments among the population.

Later, Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar announced that the visit of his Swedish counterpart Paul Johnson, scheduled for January 27, had been canceled . The parties planned to discuss Sweden's membership in NATO.


Al Arabiya: massive attacks on Iranian military bases and businesses

PHOTO: Social media video frame

A a series of explosions occurred at military facilities and defense plants in Iran. According to Al Arabiya, Israel could most likely be behind the attacks on Iranian facilities.

Iran's Ministry of Defense has officially confirmed the drone attack on a military facility in the city of Isfahan. According to the latest Iranian media reports, there were explosions at other defense plants and military bases across the country, including the cities of Karaj, Hamadan, Dizful and Rasht. However, this information has not been officially confirmed at the moment. There are also reports of explosions and airstrikes in Iran, but these figures have not yet been commented on.


From the Sverdlovsk region, hoods “a la Batman” were sent to the mobilized.

Screenshot from the video

Mobilized from the Sverdlovsk Region they responded with humor to non-standard humanitarian aid. They found balaclavas with “ears” in packages sent from their homeland.

The military recorded a video message in which he sincerely thanked the unnamed “beloved” administration chief for “wonderful things.” One of the mobilized tested a piece of ammunition. In the hood, he looked like a Gotham comic book superhero. “Now the soldiers call me Batman! Sysertsky! – amid the friendly laughter of his colleagues, the soldier finished his speech.

The day before, it was revealed that ONF volunteers had secured the delivery of 130 tons of humanitarian cargo to the Zaporizhia region. Among the items given to the fighters in two months are eight cars, five thousand sleeping bags, 14 pieces of high-precision technological equipment and two thousand sets of warm clothes.


Media: 71-year-old wife will become Biden's “weapon” in the election

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Wife of the US President Joe Biden Jill, who will be 72 in June, will be a “secret weapon” in the upcoming 2024 US presidential election, Bloomberg writes.

Jill has reportedly been given the role by Biden associates who believe she can addressing voters simultaneously as “teacher, mother, stepmother and grandmother”.

Jilla's student connections are also noted, although her personality is believed not to polarize society the way her predecessors Melania Trump and Michelle Obama did. .

Bloomberg admits that even 2 years into Biden's presidency, few people know his wife. “But within the walls of the White House, she is perceived as the closest and most protective of (the president's) confidants,” the material reads.

Jill herself has repeatedly said that she supports the nomination of Biden. for a new term of office.

< p>20. January will be two years since Biden took office. He has already announced plans to run in the 2024 election, but no official nomination has yet been made.


Prigozhin destroyed Strelkov in one sentence

Invitation to the front without due respect

The effectiveness of the Wagner PMC is of course amazing. Not just military. Now Yevgeny Prigozhin, in traditional offensive style, has removed the Kremlin's chief prosecutor and the country's military leadership, Igor Strelkov. He removed it not out of love for his bosses – he simply showed his company by example what the “red lines” really are.

Photo: video clip

Strelkov, who believes that only he knows how to fight, conduct domestic and foreign policy, appoint personnel and so on (his sense of self-importance it's so strong it's almost palpable), decided it was time to explain the mistakes from the Wagner PMC. Like, fighters in Africa have nothing to do when they are needed here,

Prigozhin is generally an ex-criminal and should be removed from the public space because it discredits him. And “Wagner” is “excellent offensive infantry, which is simply averagely placed in frontal attacks – in Soledar, Bakhmut and so on.” That was the red line he crossed.

An employee of the PMC with the call sign “Lotus” (Anton Olegovich Elizarov, Hero of Russia, LPR and DPR) first said in response that Strelkov was “the last coward and scoundrel. With nothing on his back, he makes big statements from his warm studio.” That now the “Wagners” must liberate the cities lost as a result of Strelkov's actions.

And what if “Girkin (real name Strelkov) was in the front line, had would make a real mess – at least a shank from an infantry shovel in… (in a place where it doesn't belong)” .

And then it was Prigozhin's turn: “I, as the commander-in-chief of the Wagner PMC, invite Mr. Girkin to the front to verify the correctness of his position and use, as he stated, his combat experience.” Prigozhin proposed that Strelkov “come to the territory of the LPR to be appointed to a leadership position, according to his competence, in one of the offensive units.” Like: “it's time to move from words to actions.” To understand why it was a meeting, you need to know a little about the background.

And it is this: Strelkov said that he allegedly rushed forward, even arrived there (he showed a photo of the document ), but first, to be led , they did not do this, although there was such an agreement, and secondly, they say that as soon as they found out that the same Strelkov had arrived, they immediately forced him to leave. Thus the legend was born: Strelkov is not allowed to go to the front.

But here, to you, a clear challenge: did you want to fight? Come on, no one dares interfere. However…

Instantly, however, there was a “you're inviting me to the front, but you're doing it without due respect” situation. Strelkov said that “negotiations in normal mode” through official representatives of PMC “Wagner” are necessary. And then Igor Ivanovich will consider the proposals.

Prigozhin, although somewhat pejoratively, when he suggested that Strelkov was eliminated, decided to make concessions: they say, we do not do this in the PMC, but you will have negotiators.

(here it should be noted that Dmitry Rogozin also got into the discussion, who kicked Strelkov and urged him “not to scratch your tongue, but show that he is a man” and received a kick from him in response – but all this did not play a role for long.)< /p>

Strelkov replied to Prigozhin that he would talk to the PMC representative to understand what he was offered and then give an answer. At the moment the situation is still frozen, we are waiting for the continuation.

But here's what's interesting. On Thursday, Strelkov posted up to 11 posts on his Telegram channel (about emotions – because with errors and edits on the go). And by mid-afternoon on Friday, there was not a single new record.

It would be naive to think that Strelkov was silent and more careful in his expressions. However, the public effect of his escapades will be completely different.

While he almost scolded the country's leadership and the generals (sometimes, perhaps deservedly and sometimes in vain), Igor Ivanovich was not particularly critical of the people and believed in the idea. They believed this, because they allegedly did not let him go to the front on purpose, otherwise everyone would immediately see the worthlessness of fat bosses and the correctness of Strelkov against his background. Now?

Of course he will have an “excuse”: my level does not allow me to accept the offer. But they do not think about what level it is, now only the most stubborn supporters of Igor Ivanovich.

Prigogin and his criticism are believed by the leading people, because this criticism is supported by the actions, achievements of the PMC “Wagner”. And how does Strelkov support his criticism, apart from the already mentioned sense of self-importance? Prigogine has now made this difference clear.


British Colonel Kemp predicted two problems for Zelensky in the event of a large-scale Russian offensive

photo: Vladimir Zelensky. video image, source: social networks

If a large-scale Russian offensive begins in Ukraine, Vladimir Zelenskyj will have two big problems, according to retired British colonel Richard Kemp, who spoke about them in an interview with Express.

“Zelensky now has two big headaches,” Kemp said.

He said the armed forces will have to defend themselves in the event of a major Russian offensive while providing their own back-up.

“They will be able to do these two things together is a big question,” the officer said.

Previously, Richard Kemp said that Moscow would succeed in eastern Ukraine despite the differing opinion of the Western media.

Previously, the former commander of the Polish ground forces and former deputy defense minister Waldemar Skrzypczak said that the Russian Federation could launch its full offensive from Kursk, Bryansk and Voronezh.


Admiral Bauer says NATO is ready for a direct military confrontation with Russia


NATO ready for a direct military confrontation with Russia, but in need of rearmament. This was said by the head of the NATO Military Committee, Royal Netherlands Naval Forces Admiral Rob Bauer, in a broadcast by the Portuguese company RTP.

According to Bauer, NATO has taken the initiative in recent years. , sending its troops to Afghanistan and Iraq. However, Russia is now “coming to us without an invitation.”

At the same time, the admiral noted that he does not believe in the possibility of nuclear war, because “Russian President Vladimir Putin is not crazy. .”

“ He has ideas that do not match our ideas. But he's not crazy. And therefore still a rational person,” he said.


Prigozhin described two possibilities for Strelkov's participation in the Wagner PMC

Yevgeny Prigozhin. Photo: A still from the video.

Concord's press service published in Telegram an audio recording of a statement by businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin, in which he offered former DLR Defense Minister Igor Strelkov two options to participate in the Wagner PMC in the special operation zone.

Prigozhin said that Strelkov had received the phone number of Andrei Troshev, with whom the issue of arrival in Lugansk should be discussed. The conversation took place, but they have not yet agreed on anything, the businessman noted.

Furthermore, Prigozhin said that if Strelkov comes to Luhansk, then he will go there according to the standard procedure – a council of commanders, whose decision the former head of the Ministry of Defense of the DPR can become command line. According to Prigozhin, the commanders can ask Strelkov questions: “Tell me, bitch, how you gave up Slavyansk, tell me how you took money, you filthy creature, from Akhmetov to escape from him. Tell me how you left the boys, you bastard. ” !”.

The businessman also added that Strelkov “is not famous for his courage, courage and reliability.”

According to Prigozhin, when Strelkov goes through the training camp, he will be “thrown into hellish darkness” , so that he can prove his reliability in combat conditions.

“If he remains alive – I will give him a hand, .. if he dies – we will bury him with honors,” summed up the founder of Wagner PMC.

Igor Strelkov has already responded to this call, stating that “Mr. Prigozhin's speech, in which a stream of the most open lies addressed to me, completely excludes the possibility of my participation in this PMC.”


Strelkov said he would not join Wagner because of “Prigozhin's lies against him”


Igor Strelkov-Girkin stated that he refused to join Wagner. He called the reason “a stream of the most open lies” addressed to him by PMC head Yevgeny Prigozhin.

In his Telegram channel, Strelkov said that Prigozhin had called him the day before to discuss arranging a meeting about possible entry into the PMC. Strelkov promised to arrive in Lugansk for this meeting within two days.

“The last public speech of Mr. Prigozhin, in which a stream of the most open lies was directed at me, completely excludes the possibility of my participation in this PMC,” – Strelkov fumed.

He added that he could not serve under a man who accused him of betraying Russia and hurled dirty insults.

Earlier today, Prigozhin recorded an audio in which he spoke obscenely about Strelkov address. The essence is that he will be invited to the LPR on the advice of the Wagner PMC commanders, who will ask Girkin a number of questions, for example, about how “he took money from Akhmetov and fled from Slavyansk, leaving the boy. “

“This man is not famous for courage, courage and reliability,” declared Prigozhin. And he promised to throw Strelkov into hell if by some miracle he suddenly passed all the tests. However, there is an alternative – to come not as a commander, but as an ordinary attack aircraft.