Makarevich joked about Putin's “straight line”: “A common apartment was brought up in Miami”

Photo: Natalia Muschinkina

Russian musician, one from the founders of the Time Machine group, Andrei Makarevich, who often talks about political and social issues, commented on the current direct line of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

& quot; I'm trying to imagine a picture: Washington, White House, Oval Office. The phone breaks. “Mr. President? We're from Kentucky! There's a roof leaking here in the kindergarten and the local authorities don't want to fix it!” He wrote on his Facebook page and parodied the Russian president's appeal.

Makarevich He also remarked that he could not imagine the President of the United States being called with such questions: “Mr. President? They are afraid of Miami! Our common apartment has been promoted to impossibility!” and “Mr. President, I am from Alabama! At the same time, there were questions about international and domestic politics, the economy and the fight against coronaviruses.


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