Baijiahao: Russia has prepared several NATO “gifts” near Crimea

Photo: Still from the video

Russian exercises nearby Crimea is a direct response to the NATO Sea Breeze exercise in the Black Sea, say analysts at China's Baijiahao portal. In particular, the submarine Kolpino appeared in the Black Sea, which is to process elements of submarine war with a potential enemy. The readiness of the missile defense forces in the peninsula was also checked.

The Russian armed forces deployed about 20 aircraft in Crimea, including several Su-24 bombers. The S-400 and Pantsir air defense systems are also involved in the exercise. All this is an example of “gifts” to NATO forces in case they want to repeat the provocation. “Moscow has called on NATO to cancel the exercise and warned that such maneuvers increase the risk of emergencies,” the material said.

Recall that on June 23, the British destroyer Defender attacked the territorial waters of Russia near Crimea, as a result of which a patrol vessel of the Russian border guards opened warning fire and Su-24 carried out warning bombing and dropped four high-explosive grenades. Later, the BBC published materials showing a thorough planning of provocation by the British military.


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