Korotchenko praised the idea of ​​sending 100,000 volunteers from North Korea to Donbass

An airlift could be organized to deliver them

North Korea has offered Russia to send up to 100,000 of its volunteers to participate in a special operation in Ukraine. It should be understood that these volunteers will of course be military personnel of the North Korean Army. Who are these people and does it make sense for Russia to agree to such help? Igor Korotchenko, editor-in-chief of the magazine National Defense, answered these questions of the MP.

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Information about the help of North Korean volunteers to the allied forces in Donbas was broadcast on the SolovievLive channel at the very moment when the grandmother Nancy Pelosi, who largely “inherited” in Taiwan and China, moved to Seoul to visit a special demilitarized zone. separating North and South Korea.

The last American politician in this zone was Donald Trump, who met there with the leader of the DPRK, Kim Jong Un. Of course, Pelosi does not plan to meet with the North Koreans. On the contrary, he defiantly wants to arrange another provocation there, this time against the authorities of the DPRK – a nuclear power, by the way.

In light of everything that is happening, how should Russia consider the proposal for volunteers coming from the DPRK?

“North Korea is showing real support to Russia in carrying out a special military operation,” says Igor Korotchenko. – Let me remind you that she was one of the first to diplomatically recognize the sovereignty of the DLR and the LPR and since then has regularly provided them with moral support. And no matter how much anyone tries to mock the North Korean military, I would say that their military personnel are the best in terms of training for operations in dense urban areas and industrial factory agglomerations. It is absolutely safe to say that they are prepared for this kind of hostility. The North Korean military generally has the highest morale and equally high efficiency.

As for Kim Jong-un's direct statements of aid, they are all made in line with Russia's support. And if we agree to this proposal, then the DPRK will definitely send its people – there is no doubt about that. But here the question of political expediency already arises. Will there be such a decision? It is difficult for me to answer this question.

– What is the language barrier? The task is set for the North Korean troops and they are fulfilling it!

– They could act in coordination with the DPR and LPR armies. But let's not forget that North Korea has excellent artillery systems and vast experience in using these systems. Including large-caliber multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS).

– Nothing like that. The Koreans have MLRS systems of their own design. North Korea is completely autonomous and self-sufficient in terms of artillery systems. It is not for nothing that the Americans and South Koreans are so afraid of the North Korean army.

– In terms of the supply of contingents and weapons, I think there would be no problems either. An air bridge is created and military transport planes ensure the delivery of these units to the combat area. We processed such a transfer of forces over such distances quite often in various exercises. So, from a practical point of view, everything is easy. It is up to the political decision.

By the way, we once helped North Korea fight against imperialist aggressors. So the debt payment is red. And in this regard, Kim Jong-un is great, he remembers this. I honestly respect this politician for being able to make tough decisions for the United States. He is ready for the nightmare of the West, including helping the Russian Federation. But I repeat, in any case it is a question of Russia's political decision.

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