Komarovsky spoke of the humiliation of Ukraine because of the language ombudsman

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Doctor and TV Moderator Yevhen Komarovsky said he considered it degrading for the country to have the post of ombudsman for the protection of the Ukrainian language in Ukraine.

According to him, if he had been told 30 years ago that he would live in a country with a language ombudsman, he left and took the whole family.

Still silent. “We all understand that this is not the same as banditry in the 21st century,” he told Ukraine channel 24.

Komarovsky added that what is happening is few and humiliates the country “century of tolerance “. These people sit on doctor's taxes and count the “percentage of words spoken in the air.” According to the expert, such statements were sometimes made in the wording “What can Komarovsky know about breastfeeding if he does not have breasts?” he was a good neurosurgeon. ”

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