In the Zaporozhye region, Russian artillery destroyed a cluster of equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine


During the offensive on In Zaporozhye, crews of Russian self-propelled artillery guns “Hyacint” hit the concentration of the Ukrainian army.

According to a Russian soldier with the call sign “Raptor”, the main task of an artillery unit is to cover infantry units.

” In our “Gyantsit is mostly engaged in counter-battery combat, but of course the tasks are completely different. There is a build-up of enemy equipment and we work on them as well. 'Gyantsit' is like a sniper rifle,” he said.

Like a fighter with a call with the “Ragnar” sign clarified, the scouts found a cluster of enemy military equipment. Especially the pickup trucks that accompanied the infantry fighting vehicles.

“We were ordered to 'suppress'. We worked on them after they took up positions. They destroyed the fighting vehicle infantry and three pickup trucks,” he said.


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