HB: The EU and the US are no longer considering disconnecting Russia from SWIFT

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The EU and the US no longer consider the disconnection of Russian banks from the SWIFT international payment system to be a sanction. Instead, targeted economic sanctions are being developed against Russian banks, Handelsblatt said, citing sources. This report has caused a noticeable strengthening of the ruble.

As stated in the publication, the idea of ​​disconnecting Russian banks from the payment service provider Swift, and thus in fact from global financial flows, is no EU and the US is no longer considering. Government officials have said that targeted economic sanctions are being prepared against Russia's largest banks instead. Russia to Ukraine. & Nbsp;

According to sources during the consultations, the parties concluded that Russia's complete disconnection from the Swift system could lead to destabilization of financial markets in the short term and contribute to the creation of an alternative payment infrastructure in the medium term. Western countries will no longer dominate. & nbsp; & nbsp;

Following the publication of this report, the ruble has significantly strengthened its trading on the Moscow Stock Exchange. So if the dollar had previously sold for 76.74 rubles, now the US currency has fallen to 76 rubles. And the euro fell from 87.59 rubles to 86.21 rubles.

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