The Guardian: Nazarbayev furiously shares his property with Tokajev

The strongest riots since Kazakhstan in early January since the outbreak of independence, the first President of the Republic Nursultan Nazarbayev is silent. 225 people died, but the leader of the nation, who personified him for many years, simply disappeared.

Some sources in the British edition of The Guardian stated that he was hiding somewhere on the shores of Lake Geneva. Others claim that he flew to Dubai, others that he is probably dead.

But most likely he is still in Kazakhstan.

“According to my latest information, Nazarbayev is engaged in furious talks with Kassy-Jomart Tokyev on the redistribution of assets, businesses and bank accounts,” a Western government official in Kazakhstan said in a good contact.

intending to deprive his former benefactor and members of his family of power.

“The power struggle continues. There is no guarantee that everything will end peacefully, “said the Western leader.””Negotiations are ongoing, but it is clear that the era of Nazarbayev is over,” Jertysbayev said. He accused “the reactionary and conservative forces of the Nazarbayev clan of recent violence.” In particular, the statue of Nazarbayev on a pedestal has not been restored, and street signs with his name have disappeared from the streets of Almaty.

The local elite is in a hurry to declare their commitment to Tokajev. He hopes that the purges in the government will end with Nazarbayev's family members and those close to him.

“Tokyev is a healthy person and knows how important the image of the country is. He will act smoothly and carefully. “He will not shoot from a machine gun, he will accurately shoot unwanted people from a sniper rifle,” said the source of the publication.

it will revive the cult of personality, or just keep quiet.

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