Eyewitnesses reported a third wave of explosions in Kyiv

Eyewitnesses report third wave of explosions in Kyiv

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Eyewitnesses reported the third wave of explosions at night in Kyiv. Mayor Vitalij Klitschko warned against groups of drones approaching the city from multiple directions at the same time.

The mayor previously claimed that air defense forces defended the city against at least 20 drones.

Klitschko also spoke about the consequences of previous attacks. According to Kliček, after the fall of the UAV, a fire broke out on the roof of a 9-story building in Pecherskij district. In the Solomenská district, a fragment of a drone damaged the facade of a building. Rescuers put out the fire at the enterprise in the Goloseevskiy district.

Earlier, an air alert was announced in Kyiv and the Kyiv region. Now it operates on the territory of 16 regions of Ukraine.

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