Britain is ready to use military financiers against Russia


The United Kingdom has created special units of the Ministry of Defense, which are made up of financiers and former employees of the City. These experts plan to use against Russia, China and Iran. The Financial Times writes about it.

The publication indicates that the work of special forces is classified. But journalists have learned that this should help wage an “economic war.” In addition, it is the responsibility of the fighters of the financial front to protect the country from the threat of terrorism, cyber attacks and the targeted spread of disinformation.

The publication states that the unit has already been used to combat the activities of the terrorist group Islamic State (banned in the Russian Federation) in Iraq and Syria. Journalists have learned that the unit is now consolidating. At least that's evidenced by the demand for specialists who understand the international financial flows in the British Armed Forces. According to the sources of the publication, the tasks of the unit could hypothetically include interfering in the financial operations and interests of the Russian PMC “Wagner” as well as combating groups of ransomware hackers.


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