Tymoshenko called the termination of Russian gas imports a fraud

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Party Leader ” Batkivshchyna “Yulia Tymoshenko accused the Ukrainian authorities of deceiving the population. In her view, Kiev is not telling the truth when it announces the cessation of Russian gas imports. She reminded that there is no “European gas”. And she asked those who claim to supply fuel from Europe to say exactly where they are made there.

Tymoshenko stressed that the stories of refusing to buy Russian gas are only an element of propaganda. Those who came to power in 2014 simply “tangled up a fictitious trumpet.” In addition, they paid for the work of a European mediator.

The former Prime Minister of Ukraine expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that no investigation into gas purchases from Europe had taken place after Vladimir Zelensky came to power. began under his predecessor Petr Poroshenko p>

In addition, Tymoshenko said that due to Naftogaz now in Ukraine there is no fuel. It will have to be bought at a high price.

Since November 2015, Kiev has not bought Russian gas directly. Instead, the so-called virtual reverse from Europe was used. He assumed that Ukraine formally buys gas from European companies, but in fact takes some of the transit fuel that goes from Russia to Europe. From October 1, 2021, Kiev lost this possibility due to the termination of the transit of Russian natural gas to Hungary through Ukrainian territory.

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