Biden took off his jacket and confused Putin with Trump

Photo: Still from the video

US President Joe Biden during his Conference waterfowl after the summit with Russian leader Vladimir Putin made several small mistakes, which, however, did not escape the attention of journalists and millions of television viewers.

When answering one of the questions, Biden slipped his tongue and called Putin Donald Trump.

“I captured part of President Trump's press conference … Putin. And he said …” Biden said.

At some point, he also took off his jacket and dropped it. Before the American leader picked up the fallen piece of clothing, he put on his sunglasses lightly (by the way, he brought Putin glasses and a bison statuette as a gift), slowly bent down and lifted his jacket.

Earlier opponents of the 46th US President have repeatedly ridiculed his alleged problems with cognitive functions and the musculoskeletal system. So Biden was reprimanded for allowing himself to hit the ladder of an airplane, as well as for often using cheated sheets. He brought one of them to a meeting with Putin today. Putin himself, as it might seem, also suggested that his current partner is a man of respectable age. The Russian leader said at a press conference that his American counterpart was an “experienced man.”

Biden confused Putin with Trump: an embarrassing video

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