Zelensky switched to Russian and remembered Putin's words about the personal meeting


president During an interview with AFP, Reuters and AP reporters, Volodymyr Zelensky switched from Ukrainian to Russian when he spoke about a personal meeting with Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

into Russian – MK ). I am in favor of meeting Ukraine, but only we must understand the agenda. But what to talk about? We have bilateral problems, etc., “quoted Zelenský Putin.

“I think it's such a signal to people in Russia or in the Western world – they say I'm for it. But you and I understand – honestly, what adjander? You think in Russia and everyone knows exactly what is happening. Everyone clearly understands that there is a war, it's in Donbass, “he said.”

Zelensky stressed that Kiev and Moscow may have “a million different questions about bilateral relations,” but if they want to normalize relations, people say, “God bless her, let's meet with this adjo, let's meet, let's go.”

“President Putin said he was ready to meet, and I believe there will be a meeting. However, the delay in the problem cannot be solved, “the Ukrainian leader explained.

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