Zelensky admitted that the army in Donbas is in a difficult situation

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that the army units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are in a very difficult situation on the territory of Donbas.

“Lysychansk, Avdeevka, communities in the direction of Bachmut – the situation there is still very complicated and very difficult,” said Zelensky. > According to him, the country's leadership is doing everything in its power to obtain modern artillery systems from the West as soon as possible, which will help “respond properly” to the offensive actions of Russian troops and LPR and DPR units.

Former Chechnya chief Ramzan Kadyrov said that soldiers of special forces have already entered Lisichansk and controlled part of the city. The highway connecting Artemovsk and Lisichansk is blocked by the army of LPR and Russia, the supply of armed forces to Lisichansk through it is completely interrupted, says TASS, referring to LPR Deputy Minister of Interior Vitaly Kiselev.

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