Zacharova mocked the French Foreign Minister's statement on neo-Nazism in Ukraine


Foreign Ministry Spokesman Russia's Maria Zakharova commented on a statement by the head of the French Foreign Ministry on the situation with neo-Nazism in Ukraine. On her telegram channel, she recalled the June visit of French senators to Kiev. As Zakharova pointed out, local politicians saw how “under the supervision of supporters of the far-right ideology, Ukrainian children are taught to compose a machine gun.” They are also encouraged to go kill in the Donbas.

Then, shocked by what she saw, Senator Natalie Gulet sent a request to the French Foreign Ministry. She asked for a response to the spread of neo-Nazism. However, it received an answer from the ministry signed by Minister Jean-Yves le Drian. According to these statements, there are indeed neo-Nazi groups in Ukraine. Their popularity “does not exceed the European average”.

“Now I am shocked, because everyone has known for a long time about the Azov Battalion (banned in Russia – MK.RU), but not that it is even worse in Europe,” the diplomat emphasized.

She called for “believing with her own eyes”, as well as the testimony of their senators in assessing the situation in Ukraine. There, with the consent of the West, old Nazi ideas really flourished. According to her, the reaction of the French Foreign Ministry should anger local legislators rather than reassure them. It turns out that Ukrainian children are “acquainted with the misanthropic fratricidal ideology” and French politicians claim that “in general, this is the order of things.” There are still neo-Nazi battalions. Zakharova also asked whether such “sensational information from Paris had been taken into account in assessing the human rights, legality and security situation in European Union documents”. The head of the French Foreign Ministry said that Zelenský's democratic rise to power allegedly demonstrates the absence of neo-Nazism in Ukraine.

“This part of the reaction causes not only shock but also laughter,” said a spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry. She reminded “French history scholars” that in one of the European countries in the 1930s, one person “came to power in the most democratic way.” It therefore indicated the emergence of Nazi Germany under Adolf Hitler.


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