Volodin demanded that US congressmen “not be rude”

Photo: Alexander Astafiev

State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin addresses the American “In his Telegram channel, the chairman of the lower house of the Russian parliament noted that the presidents of both countries had agreed to start consultations on security guarantees.

global security issues. And now it is necessary to “enforce the agreements of the Heads of State and not be rude, threatening and intimidating.” “In addition, Volodin wrote that the attacks on the Russian president” Russian citizens perceive as an insult to our country “; He also stressed that such “hysteria would not do anything good.” & quot; Russia has something to stand for. “Do not make such arguments,” Volodin said.

Earlier, the US Senate published a bill on sanctions, which is proposed to impose on Russia “in the event of its invasion of Ukraine” or further escalation of the conflict around the country. These measures affect Vladimir Putin personally and the entire Russian top leadership.

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