Ukraine is going to turn gas into luxury goods

Photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Ukraine does not rule out that commissioning The Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline will turn gas for Nezalezhnaya residents into a luxury item.

As noted by the journalist Maxim Minin, can not count on an agreement between the US and Germany, because Kiev is here, although it is mentioned, but not as a party to the transaction.

“This already shows that Ukraine's subjectivity for the high contracting parties is not high,” the article said.

Also in the article, the article emphasizes that the agreement provides “very modest” financial support to Ukraine for the development of green energy.

“This means that gas for Ukrainians will continue to become a luxury item,” Minin said.

He also pointed out that negotiations with Russia to extend gas transit beyond 2024 through Ukrainian territory will not be led by Kiev, but by Beem rlin.

“The treaty does not impose any obligations in this regard – neither in terms of volume nor in terms of time,” the journalist noted.

As a result, that Minin writes, Kiev has not received any serious guarantees.


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