Ukraine has issued a gas ultimatum for Europe

Photo: Nord Stream 2.

Kiev continues the struggle to maintain gas transit to Europe before the start of the Nord Stream 2 project. German promises that the transit of Russian gas through Ukraine will continue after 2024 do not particularly inspire Ukrainian officials. At the same time, Kiev does not want to negotiate with Russia. He is looking for other and sometimes rather tough arguments on how to force the European Union to take certain measures in this direction. A corresponding statement was made on the eve of the & nbsp; Minister of Energy of Ukraine Herman Galushchenko. It can be considered & nbsp; for a sort of gas ultimatum for Europe.

According to the Ukrainian edition of Glavreda Galushchenko at a meeting with & nbsp; Andreas Feicht, State Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy of Germany, warned that the launch of Nord Stream 2; & nbsp; will lead to a redirection of gas flows, which can lead to fuel shortages in many European countries.

Galushchenko thus terrifies the launch of Nord Stream 2; poses a threat to Europe's energy security. According to the Ukrainian minister, the Ukrainian transmission system is the only gas pipeline that Gazprom does not control. And if the pipeline is not loaded with gas at a sufficient level, Kiev will reorient it to the transfer of fuel on the domestic market. This will lead to the loss of the optimal route through Europe, which will at the same time increase Russia's geopolitical influence and Europe's dependence on Russian gas.

Galushchenko suggested solving this problem by integrating the energy markets of Ukraine and Europe with the prospect of developing “ green“ energy, as well as & nbsp; decarbonisation of the energy sector.


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