The president completed his program at the “United Russia” congress

The party's program became popular after the initiatives of hundreds of thousands of residents and experts from all regions were included

The United Russia Party; held the second stage of its congress on August 24, the main task of which was to approve the election program. As Dmitry Medvedev, who chaired the congress, has repeatedly emphasized the new program & ndash; it is not just an election document, it is a long-term action plan.

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Party leader Vladimir Putin was the first to speak at the congress. He invited delegates to supplement the draft program, both those developed between the two phases of Congress and those raised at its meeting with party representatives, and those with whom he himself proposed to amend the main program document. Of United Russia. At the same time, because of the breadth of the debate, he described the new party program as popular: “ its co-authors became residents of the whole country. ''

Firstly, in Vladimir Putin's speech, proposals were made for social support measures. In particular, the President recalled the measures to support the troops, introduced earlier at a meeting with party representatives, & ndash; one-time payment of 15 thousand rubles. However, he supplemented these proposals at the Congress, pointing to the need to increase the number of recipients of such support and making recommendations on the organization of such payments.

“ Let everyone receive this payment in the same amount, regardless of the number of stars on the shoulder straps …. And I suggest extending this payment to both military school cadets and law enforcement officers & # 39; & # 39 ;, & ndash; specified by Vladimir Putin.

At the same time, he instructed future deputies from United Russia to carry out systematic work in the State Duma: not to limit one-off payments, to include in next year's budget and plans for next years the indexation of military personnel and law enforcement to the level above inflation.

Another topic raised at the President's meeting with party representatives was the practice of banking institutions, which immediately withdraw all social payments after receiving loans from citizens. Speaking at the congress, the President stressed somewhat the need for bankers to comply with previously adopted decrees on the subject, and suggested that future deputies legally ban such write-offs and return such previously collected funds to social benefit recipients.

Unacceptable. These are payments for children, for supporting families, for helping people in difficult situations. How come you don't understand? & Raquo; & nbsp; & ndash; noted Vladimir Putin.

Among the tasks he named was the expansion of the resettlement program from dangerous housing. The party was recommended not only to support the completion of all previously planned events in the regions, but also to substantially expand the program. That is, to include in it homeowners recognized as dangerous from January 1, 2021. The President promised to support the party's proposals in this area by allocating 45 billion rubles from the federal budget.

Many of the president's proposals concerned current events and processes that required special attention, literally in recent months. For example, according to the president, another 24 billion rubles will be set aside to fight forest fires, which have become a serious problem in many regions.

“ I ask the government to solve the problem in detail. It is important to clearly define the responsibilities of the levels of government in this area and to provide mechanisms for timely assistance to the regions of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and other emergency departments. One of the important directions here & ndash; creating an effective air group for firefighting & raquo ;, & ndash; the president addressed members of the government who participated in the work of the congress.

Many of the proposals mentioned by the President concerned the development of the country's territory. Measures proposed for this purpose included infrastructure projects. New instruments, including infrastructure loans, need to be used to implement them, the head of state noted. Speaking of the implementation of projects, Vladimir Putin separately mentioned the Far East and the Arctic, the construction of Moscow & ndash; Kazan & ndash; Ekaterinburg.

It could be said that among the programs that had no analogues in recent decades, the program for updating the fleet of air rescuers was named. It will be allocated 340 billion rubles and other measures to update the domestic fleet. As noted by the President, the creation of the relevant programs has already been completed.

One of the problems to which Vladimir Putin paid special attention in his speech was the development of the village.

“ I fully share the party's intention to pay more attention to supporting farmers and small businesses in rural areas, including the development of trade fairs and non-stationary outlets in all regions where farmers can sell their products directly, without intermediaries, & # 39; & # 39; & ndash; He said that great attention should be paid to the quality of life of those living in rural areas, the development of the necessary infrastructure, the availability of public services and the supply of goods for them. One of the well-known projects of United Russia was also mentioned. about free gasification of the village & ndash; it should be completed with dignity.

The president urged party leaders to go to the polls and noted the renewal of his candidate body. In his opinion, competent and responsible people should work in the Russian parliament, but at the same time it is important that there are people with new ideas among them.

“ The continuity of legislative activity must be maintained. At the same time, it is important for Members to be involved in the work with new ideas and approaches. A new generation must emerge, assert itself, and it must be supported & # 39; & # 39 ;, & ndash; said Vladimir Putin. He ended his speech with the words: “ We are together for Russia! & # 39; & # 39; However, before setting out the main positions of the program, he reiterated the number of Russians involved in completing and developing the program, & ndash; there are several million of them.

According to Dmitry Medvedev, the United Russia program consists of two parts: “ Human well-being & # 39; & # 39; and “strong Russia.” The first includes raising citizens' incomes, creating new jobs, measures to support & nbsp; health care, regional development, education. As the party leader noted, the program includes a section on ecology for the first time. At the same time, the program separately lists the interactions with civil society institutions, public organizations, volunteers and youth associations.

“ Russia is undoubtedly a welfare state. Countries where equal opportunities are created for people in any area. Where everyone has access to quality education and work, the paths to realizing their talent are open. The future of children and the full life of the older generation are guaranteed. This is the meaning of our entire social policy & # 39; & # 39 ;, & ndash; The chairman of United Russia described this block of the program.

Second block & ndash; Strong Russia & ndash; it covers the themes of ensuring the country's stability and competitiveness, tackling regional inequalities, developing promising industries and rural areas.

During the discussion on the program, the representatives of the first five of the list of parties and the representatives of the regions talked about the part of the program that is particularly close due to their professional affiliation.

In particular, the chief physician of Kommunarka Hospital Denis Protsenko and his colleague from the “ Five & # 39; & # 39 ;, Ombudsman for Children's Rights Anna Kuznetsova, spoke about the creation of appropriate parts of the program. At the same time Denis Protsenko with the fact that the modernization of the health care system & ndash; this is one of the key themes of the United Russia program and its ultimate goal is & nbsp; & ndash; & nbsp; “ Restarting home medicine“ touched on two topics whose significance is clear: the development of a rehabilitation system for those who have recovered and the digitization of health care.

“ We need a serious rehabilitation system for patients who have gone through serious conditions. The pandemic has shown that we need to improve the epidemiological safety system & ndash; I'm talking about the plumbing. Digitization & ndash; it's a way to create a transparent healthcare system: from patient to doctor and executives & # 39 ;, & nbsp; & ndash; said Denis Protsenko, clarifying that the main goal of digitization is & ndash; to make home medicine comfortable for the patient.

Anna Kuznetsova spoke in detail about working with the provisions of the family support program, which was quite understandable after the president remarked in his speech that, in principle, a healthy family, birth and child rearing can normally be considered the country's national idea. As noted by the Chief Children's Ombudsman of the country, United Russia is taking over the solution of the relevant tasks. Among the new projects, she noted the creation of a system under which families should receive support measures in the “ single window“ mode. Plus party plans & ndash; legislative consolidation of the status of a large family, simplification for families with children under three years of age, procedure for repaying a mortgage with the help of parent capital, introduction of the institution of certified nannies.

One of the party's founders, included in the top five of its list in the election, Sergei Shoigu, closed the discussion on the program proposals. He told congress participants about the history of “ beautiful & # 39; & # 39; and the right programs, which many Russian parties have been able to accept over the decades, and reminded that the United Russia party has a different task – a ndash; not to surprise the program, but to implement it. This means that today, the most important thing for a party is not only the definition of goals, but also the strict control of the fulfillment of its plans and obligations.

“ Pre-election program & # 39; & # 39; & ndash; it sounds good. I would like to suggest holding a conference next year and evaluating the first year. But you have to win for that. It's important for people to see how we're able to achieve everything we've talked about & # 39; & # 39 ;, & ndash; from this stage and many other stands. said Sergei Shoigu.

The plenary session of the Congress ended with a vote on the draft agenda. Simultaneously with the opening of the vote, Dmitry Medvedev proposed not only to adopt the prepared version, including the president's proposals, but also to continue the process of finalizing and supplementing the program in the post-election period in order to constantly ensure its relevance.


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