The General Staff of the French Army tried to explain the captivity of CAESAR self-propelled guns by Russia

Photos: Screenshot from the video

Armed General Headquarters French forces tried to explain the situation by capturing French-made CAESAR self-propelled artillery guns (ACS) by Russian troops in Ukraine.

Earlier, Uralvagonzavod thanked French President Emmanuel Macron on his television channel Telegram. French politician Régis Castelnau to thank the head of the European state for “donated” self-propelled guns.

France handed over 18 CAESAR self-propelled artillery guns to Ukraine. The General Staff of the French Armed Forces completely denied the information about the confiscation of weapons and at the same time without providing any evidence to support its position.

However, the French headquarters immediately admitted the possibility of capture. Russian military self-propelled guns, with the situation seeming unlikely and unlikely.



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