The Arab coalition has announced the bombing of Yemen

An Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia has decided to launch airstrikes in the Yemeni capital of Sana'a. According to Sky News Arabia, the decision was made in response to the strikes of the Shiite movement Ansar Allah. (Husians) in the United Arab Emirates. & Nbsp;

In particular, the military leadership of the Arab coalition described the planned strikes as “a response to the threat and military necessity.” “Terrorist leaders are reportedly being bombed.” “Coalition Air Force conducts operations in the sky over Sana'a.” The UAE authorities have called on the United States to re-enable the Yemeni Shiite movement, Ansar Allah. on the list of terrorists. Nearly a year ago, the Joe Biden administration removed the organization from the list of foreign terrorist organizations. Explosions on three tankers in the port and warehouse at Abu Dhabi airport killed three people and injured six others. The goal was the infrastructure of the National Oil Company. Judging by the fact that parts of the UAV were found at the site of the blast, it is believed that kamikaze drones were used.


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