Telegraph: Brit Aiden Eslin, convicted in DPR, said goodbye to relatives

Aiden Eslin. Telegraph website screenshot.

British mercenary Aiden Eslin, convicted in the DPR, told his relatives about his impending execution and said goodbye to them. The Telegraph wrote about it on Wednesday.

He said “his time is running out” because the British authorities did not try to negotiate with Russia and the DLR on his release.

Eslin, who was Sentenced to death for attempting a “violent seizure of power,” a court in Donetsk told his sentence that he would be executed. “Aiden was very upset when his mother called. The point is, Aiden said the DPR had told him that no one in the UK had contacted him and that he would be executed, “said Aslin's grandmother Pamela Hall, referring to the BBC. “Of course I hope that's not true,” she added. British Aiden Aslin, 28, and Sean Pinner, 48, were captured in Mariupol in April. The DPR Supreme Court has sentenced them to death.

DPR chief Denis Pushilin previously said that the British were mercenaries, literally – “they came to kill civilians for money”, seeing “no reasons or preconditions for their pardon.” p>


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