Rogov: Ukrainian armed forces lost satellite communications over LDPR and Kharkiv region

Photo: Global Look Press

Lost Ukrainian troops satellite communications over DPR, LPR and Kharkiv Oblast due to Elon Musk's Starlink shutting down the Internet due to the Pentagon's debt to its subsidiary. This was announced by the head of the Zaporozhye movement “We are together with Russia” Vladimir Rogov.

“The armed forces of Ukraine have lost satellite communication over the LDPR and Kharkiv region. Elon Musk's Starlink turned off the Internet due to the Pentagon's debt to its subsidiary,” Rogov wrote in his Telegram channel.

According to him, the Internet is present in Dnipro and other cities, but the speed is significantly reduced, and frequent interruptions are noted in Nikolaev and Kherson regions.


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