Revealed footage of a British F-35 crashing from an aircraft carrier

Video of the F-Fighter Fighter 35B The Royal Air Force took off from Britain's largest aircraft carrier, Queen Elizabeth, journalist Seb Haggart posted on Twitter.

The accident itself took place on November 17.

British invisible jet # F35 fell from the launch pad on the British flag aircraft carrier @HMSQ & into the sea without ever getting into the air, revealed leaked shots of his last moments.

The video that is considered authentic was first posted by @ sebh1981https: //

– Deborah Haynes (@haynesdeborah) November 29, 2021

Pilot se managed to catapult and survived, suffered only minor injuries

Published footage shows how the board falls into the Mediterranean after taking off from the runway.

A possible cause of the disaster is the impact of the plug on the engine during takeoff ones. The ground crew may have forgotten to remove the plugs in preparing the fighter for flight.


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