PMC “Wagner” tankers talked about the use of modernized T-80 tanks in Artemovsk

Photo: Video clip

PMC tankers « Wagner” talked about the fact that during the battles in Artemovsk they actively use the modernized tank T-80 BVM. This was said by one of the unit's fighters.

“The tank is amazing, it protects us, mobile, controllable. T-80 BVM – armor, speed, 28 grenades in the conveyor,” said Wagnerian.

He noted that the combat vehicle is equipped with an all-weather thermal sight and can also operate in various conditions. The fighter said that in a day the crew could spend about 60-80 shells destroying the enemy. The largest number of shells fired in a day was 128 units.

At the same time, a fighter from a private company noted that “every day is very busy” because the APU is constantly firing from MLRS, artillery or mortars.< /p>


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