Peskov responds to rumors about “Russian provocation for invasion of Donbas”


Kremlin Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov recently commented publications in the Western press and statements by US officials that Russia allegedly plans to provoke provocations in eastern Ukraine.

The Inside was published in the largest English-language media and news agencies on both sides of the Atlantic. Specifically, The Guardian published an article on Friday quoting statements from sources from American “officials”. According to the interviewees, Washington believes that Moscow has already sent provocateurs to Donbas to carry out a “deceptive maneuver”. According to them, the provocation should be the justification for the “Russian attack”. The United States believes this provocation will take place by the end of winter.

“Russia is paving the way for a pretext for the invasion, including sabotage, information warfare – in order to accuse Ukraine of plotting an attack on the Russian army in Ukraine's eastern territories,” said one source.

that the United States “has evidence that Russia has already sent a group of workers” to implement the scenario described. “Russian agents of influence are already beginning to facilitate the production of provocations on state media and social networks,” the source added, adding allegedly used the same tactics before the “Crimean annexation” in 2014.

The source also said that the “Russian army” planned to launch these activities a few weeks before the “military invasion” itself, which “may begin between mid-January and mid-February. “

Later US White House spokesman Jen Psaki, as well as Pentagon speakers, confirmed the” availability of information “about the allegedly imminent provocation in Donbas.

Responses to these statements Peskov said the allegations against Russia, Like all previous ones, they are still unfounded and unfounded.

“Until now, all these statements have been unfounded,” Peskov said. – They haven't confirmed anything.


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