After Putin's speech, the Americans applied for asylum in Russia

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

American users commented on the publication Breitbart edition dedicated to Putin's Valday speech. The publication placed special emphasis on the president's words about the inadmissibility of gender reassignment in children. It is worth noting that Breitbart is a publication known for its right-wing and conservative views.

The Americans noted that Putin and President Viktor Orban are the healthiest politicians in the world. Russia, on the other hand, has “returned to God,” becoming more Christian after the communist era, some say. “Well, everything, the world has officially collapsed if Putin is the voice of reason,” “God, if only we had a real man at the helm of Britain,” “Is there a chance of getting asylum?” – commentators write.

Users have also started arguing that the dictator has uttered reasonable words. Voting for one option for left-wing parties in the West is also not a democracy, some say. “He is not a dictator at all! I know, I have lived in Russia for 30 years and I have more freedom here than I would have in the West, “wrote one of the readers. Some even noted that Putin was to be elected “pope.”


Russia has refused to make gas concessions to Moldova

Photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Deputy Head of Kremlin Administration Dmitry Kozak received a delegation from the Socialist Party of Moldova today. The talks discussed possible concessions by Russia on the issue of gas supplies to Moldova. However, according to a source who attended the meeting, the parties failed to reach an agreement.

“The goal of the Moldovan socialists was to ask for further concessions and compromises regarding the supply of Russian gas to Moldova,” the source said, adding that representatives of the Moldovan delegation emphasized the “youth” and inexperience of the new Moldovan government. They also asked Moscow not to allow a halt to gas supplies, which would lead to an energy collapse and a humanitarian catastrophe in Moldova.

The source also noted that the arguments in favor of not creating Russian gas prices for supplies to Moldova on the market were not convincing … Russia agrees to sign a new long-term gas agreement, but only on the basis of European market gas prices . At the same time, the Moldovan side was offered a 25% discount on condition that the existing debt was repaid and with a large repayment schedule.

It should be noted that on 30 September, a contract was concluded for the supply of gas to Moldova by Gazprom, which was signed in 2008. While negotiations on a new contract were under way, the old one was extended until the end of October. At the same time, the price of gas rose to $ 790 per thousand cubic meters. This price does not suit Moldova, so there is a risk of a complete cessation of supplies. At the same time, Moldova's debt for gas is $ 700 million.


Putin criticized the “current model of capitalism,” but offered nothing in return

Russia as the brake of world perestroika

Everything in our raging world is scary, gloomy and foggy. We can only agree with the key thesis of Vladimir Putin's speech at the next meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club: we are at the beginning of a process of world reconstruction, “the final form of which is unknown.” Even more worrying, however, is the lack of a clear understanding of the path our country will take. Not only will the statements of the head of state dispel the fog, but perhaps thicken it.

Photo: AP

“Everyone says that the current model of capitalism – and this is the basis of the social structure in the vast majority of countries today – has been exhausted, within which there is no way out of a tangle of increasingly tangled contradictions,” he said. Vladimir Putin, fully agrees, as can be seen from the following phrases,: Everywhere, even in the richest countries and regions, the unequal distribution of material wealth leads to growing inequality, especially inequality of opportunity – both within society and internationally. “

Russia, as the president admits, is one of the countries where social inequality is most pressing: “This is especially important for us, given the income disparities between different categories of citizens.” … The main preferences … have adopted a small class of people … The growth of their wealth has increased many times compared to the middle class and the poorest sections of the population. “Europe suffers as well, but everyone – so it's” not so hot. “

Putin actually said what the citizens of the country have known for so long. Someone in Russia has too small pearls, “Bentleys” are slow and palaces are too small. And someone's soup is watery. In addition, the category of “liquid” is growing rapidly. Only the bravest and richest Russians are not afraid of the speed with which the prices of food and basic goods are rising today.

In short, Vladimir Vladimirovich is a thousand times right: “We must build a welfare state.” The current state of affairs is unbearable and needs immediate improvement. And if it is an imperative of the times, why can't Russia become the head of this global trend? Of course, we will hardly be able to solve the problem of social inequality on a global scale, but we can start with ourselves and show the world an example of moving towards a fairer society.

However, for some reason, there is no constructive development criticism of the “current model of capitalism” received. How will we build the welfare state? When we start? where do we start? “There are no ready-made recipes,” Putin admitted. In addition, according to the president, Russia will not play the role of a vanguard during the global transformation, but of the back army. More precisely – the brakes of world restructuring.

“We will be guided by the ideology of healthy conservatism,” Putin said. risks and dangers, the fragility of reality around us. ”

But here it was a matter of clinging to traditional,“ true ”values. Roughly speaking, “parent number one” and “parent number two” are not our way. But the current Russian socio-political model, where someone's wallets are empty and someone empty (and especially the one closest to the state trough), is also our tradition.

And there is no doubt that its preservation worries the vast majority of our citizens much more than the “socio-cultural upheavals that are taking place in the United States and Western Europe.” “Parent number one and number two” – the threat is still quite distant and in all honesty is quite abstract. What is Hecuba for the average Russian? And price tags in supermarkets – here they are.


Extensive exercises have begun near the Tajik-Afghan border: “restless neighbors”

“This will be a one-way ticket for the enemy”

Joint Russian-Tajik exercises took place on October 22 at the Momirak training ground in Tajikistan. About 500 Russian and Tajik soldiers took part. The MK correspondent evaluated the extent of the training battles.

Photos of the CSTO press service

Tactical exercises of Russian and Tajik troops take place simultaneously with the maneuvers of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO). As Minister of Defense of Tajikistan, Colonel General & nbsp; Sherali Mirzo, the decision to hold has been decided due to the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan. & Nbsp;

The main operations of the troops took place in the Shurabad area of ​​Tajikistan, just twenty kilometers from the border with Afghanistan. According to the scenario, a pair of Tajik Air Force's L-39 aircraft conducting aerial reconnaissance along the state border with troubled neighbors noticed about hundreds of terrorists moving deeper in Tajikistan. To mislead bandits & nbsp; about the front line of defense, the Russian and Tajik armies & nbsp; opened fire on them and forced them to turn & nbsp; and start moving in a direction that is good for us. & nbsp;

Air support was provided by Mi-8 and Mi-24 helicopters. On the ground, shaking the mountains with a ringing, they shot “ Grada & # 39; & # 39; and self-propelled howitzers “ Carnation & # 39; & # 39 ;. Attacking Mi-24s lined up in a “helicopter carousel” and blocked the enemy with continuous fire.

Motorized gunners and tank crews from Tajikistan, along with a company of motorized gunners of Russia's 201st military base, launched an attack and forced the bandits to retreat with heavy fire.

Photos of the CSTO press service

Drone of gramophones over the battlefield. A tactical airborne attack unit lands from the Mi-8 and blocks the escape routes of terrorists beyond the state border. The attacking forces, together with the tactical airborne attack forces, complete the progress of the illegal armed formation.

The deputy commander of the Central Military District, Lieutenant General Yevgeny Poplavsky, in response to questions from journalists, explained that the purpose of the exercise was to practice joint actions to deter possible aggression in the direction of Kulob.

– The exercise is carried out in the preparation of a joint tactical group for crisis management. Russian troops shared their experiences from counter-terrorism missions in Syria. A new development of tactical compatibility of our units has been achieved.

The general noted that the command of the Central Military District is satisfied with the results of the exercises.

Photos of the CSTO press service

– The Armed Forces of Tajikistan and the 201st Military Base conduct training on virtually one tactical background and perform tasks at any training ground.

– Are these exercises somehow related to the events in Afghanistan?

“Combat training activities are always aimed at preventing possible threats that may be created by our opponents,” Poplavsky explained.

– Recently, President Vladimir Putin said that about two thousand terrorists from ISIS (a terrorist group banned in the Russian Federation) are gathering on the northern border of Afghanistan and there is a real threat of their impact on our nearest neighbors, especially Tajikistan. and the spread of their influence inland. How are countermeasures implemented here at the base?

– I will not comment on the words of the Supreme Commander, I will say one thing: the new government in Afghanistan will try to expel or destroy all defeated formations & Nbsp; Therefore, the possibility that he will try to expel those groups that do not listen to him in Tajikistan or Turkmenistan cannot be ruled out.

The lieutenant general added that he was convinced that the forces available to our country would be sufficient to repel any aggression from the enemy.

– I once served in Afghanistan and I can say that now I have a weapon that has been assigned to us, we will fulfill the task. And if they try to invade Tajikistan, they should understand that it will be a one-way ticket for them.

Dushanbe, Tajikistan.


Sudan's membership of the African Union suspended

After the military arrest, the Prime Minister of Sudan and V Following the declaration of the head of state, the African Union decided to suspend the country's membership in the organization.

A few hours after the arrest of Sudanese Prime Minister Abdullah Hamduk and a number of other prominent politicians, the nation's chairman, Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, addressed the nation. In particular, he said that the government and the Supreme Council were dissolving in the country. In addition, the suspension of a number of articles in the constitutional declaration signed in 2019 has been announced.

An independent government composed of youth representatives will lead the country into new parliamentary elections, Burhan said.


Putin's counter-revolution: it was decided to restore the Russian Empire

At least in people's memory

Vladimir Putin has publicly declared himself a counter-revolutionary, promised to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the founding of the Russian Empire at a dignified level, and threatened the Council of Europe and the OSCE to end its existence. However, this was not without liberal bias: law enforcement practices in relation to recent “foreign agents” have been promised to be revised to eliminate abuse, and the possibility of introducing compulsory covid vaccination in Russia is in principle ruled out. . . As GDP solemnly declared: “Any imposed decision can be circumvented. The help will be redeemed! “This is roughly what the most important moments of the VVP's program speech at the annual meeting of the Valdai Club look like.


Although not, I probably was still a little wrong in terms. During his programmatic speech, Putin was only able to declare himself an ideological counter-revolutionary. And all the other statements of the president mentioned above were made during his discussion with the members of the club – a discussion that was twice “blown up” by the Kremlin's ingenious domestic preparations. But first. The word “revolution” remained a fetish in our country even after the collapse of the USSR. When Putin has spoken many times in the past about his adherence to the “evolutionary path of evolution,” Putin made it clear that he did not understand such fetishism. But this time, everything was said in a completely open text: “Revolution is not a way out of the crisis, but a way to deepen the crisis. No revolution was worth the damage it caused to human potential. ”

After a fundamental condemnation of the GDP revolution, he went on to stigmatize the revolution currently taking place in the West, in the sense of a radical revision of moral rules and values: in the interests of minorities or the demand to abandon the usual understanding of such basic things as mom, dad, family or even gender differences. in their view, milestones in the movement towards social renewal. ”Have we heard all this? There is such a thing. We have even heard a chorus of voices of particularly concerned “supporters of traditional values” advocating the deliberately failed idea of ​​”making Russia the leader of family relations in Europe.”

Putin abandoned the quixotic attack on windmills. With just two points, he formulated a much more realistic concept. Point one: “The socio-cultural upheavals that are happening in the same states and in Western Europe are not our business, we are not going there.” Point two: “We just ask you not to go to our house separately. We have a different point of view. In any case, the vast majority of Russian society. After the VVP thus promoted the moral “Putin doctrine” in this way, it soon acquired a very spacious name for it – “moderate and healthy conservatism.” How moderate and healthy is it? The president's statements said that no distortions were taking place, or at least should not take place: own shell. It is mainly about relying on years of proven tradition, preservation and growth of the population, realism in the evaluation of oneself and others. “

All of this has been very euphonic (as I have already written, I have also increasingly felt like a “moderate conservative” lately) – but at the same time very predictable. And a predictable show (as long as we can talk about the speech of the head of state in this way) is, as you know, an indistinct show. Apparently it was not just me who thought it, but the VVP itself together with the members of its narrower circle. The show quickly added to the “pepper grains”. The right to ask a question to the president was won by Dmitry Muratov, Nobel Peace Prize winner in 2021, Novaya Gazeta editor-in-chief. And he made full use of this right: he pointed very convincingly to the vagueness of Russian legislation on foreign agents. When I used the value judgment “very convincing”, I did not mean only myself. Among the “convinced” Muratov was Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, a citizen of the Russian Federation.

The president spoke of some of his “acquaintances who are involved in charity” and who are in danger of being sidelined: they are “brought to the Foreign Agents Act.” Putin's conclusion: the law needs to be improved. “The beautiful Kremlin has prepared homemade preparations!” – I thought, but after a while I realized that this was only the first part of an elegant maneuver by the presidential administration. A real “foreign agent” was invited to talk to Putin, Russia Today's editor-in-chief, Margarita Simonyan. And she said she was forced to refrain from traveling to the United States for fear of falling victim to the obsessive “hospitality” of American law enforcement for several years. This did not blur the effect of Putin's dialogue with Dmitry Muratov. But on the other hand, the “other side of the coin” was convincingly demonstrated.

This ended the delivery of the Kremlin's homework, but the discussion was not less interesting. State Duma MP Konstantin Zatulin, for example, excelled in sharing his confusion with Putin. As! At the beginning of November, it will be three hundred years since Russia was declared an empire, but it is not celebrated at the state level in our country! Given the tendency of the leaders of some former fraternal republics and states of the Soviet Union to accuse modern Russia of “imperialist politics”, the topic raised by Deputy Zatulin was very slippery. But Putin, as a traditionalist politician unencumbered by complexes, it seemed to me, was seriously thinking and even upset. Representative Zatulin was promised that the Russian state would correct its omission – with his direct personal participation.

Putin also confirmed in response to the question of whether Russia is going to withdraw from the Council of Europe and the OSCE. that such a possibility exists: “Nobody needs morality!” This was followed by the announcement of the presidential hypothesis: because moralizing against Moscow has long become the only raison d être of these two organizations, if Russia leaves them, they will soon die a natural death. Almost immediately afterwards, the president's many-hour communication with Valday came to the end. As every successful speaker knows, you have to end up positive!


“Man is not immortal”: Metropolitan Shevkunov spoke of Putin's government

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Find a successor to the current Russian It will be extremely difficult for President Vladimir Putin, Metropolitan Pskov and Porkhovsky Tikhon Shevkunov, whom many call his “confessor,” in an interview with the Daily Storm. president. He stressed that under Putin, Russia has experienced a significant rise on the international stage. This raises questions & ndash; who else can maintain Russia's authority in this way, limit it within. “” But that is our problem, one is not immortal, “Shevkunov emphasized. He considers Putin to be a “different scale” man and an infinite responsibility, and he is aware of it all. “ He is a man of action, naturally looking for no gratitude. He, as an officer, as a soldier, is authorized to do so, & # 39; & # 39; says the metropolitan.

It is up to the president himself to decide who will succeed him. He and no one else must prepare for what comes next. “ And many understand: take it away and what starts begins, think only everyone, a responsible person who understands all the kinds of drive belts we have, & # 39; & # 39; Shevkunov noted.

Shevkunov also noted that Putin ironizes that some are trying to exalt him. He remembered the story of Khazanov trying to put a crown on Putin, he took it and put it on the head of the comedian himself. Putin should be compared to Nicholas the First, Shevkunov said. “ He was an amazing man, he raised the earth, but he was slandered, his name was Nikolai Palkin, & # 39; & # 39; said the metropolitan.

The bosses in Russia are especially reluctant, they are cursed here. But Putin understands all this, loves people and does his job without building illusions, Shevkunov added.


German Ambassador to Russia announces “Normandy” meeting


German Ambassador Russia Geza Andreas von Gaire told reporters that a meeting of Norman Four foreign ministers from Germany, Russia, France and Ukraine was being prepared, but that a date had not yet been set.

He noted that the need for negotiations was indicated at the time of the last meeting with President Vladimir Putin, German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

“As far as I know, preparations for the meeting of foreign ministers are ongoing, but the exact date of such a meeting has not yet been set,” said the ambassador.

The Normandy format was created in 2014. On the anniversary of the Allied landings in Normandy, the heads of four countries discussed the settlement of the Donbass conflict for the first time, with five meetings since then, the last in France in December 2019.

See also: Green Office threatens Moscow guided “missiles


Ukraine reveals US plans to create a new world order without Russia

Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin Photo: Michail Kovalev

US President Joe Biden intends to create a new order in which Russia is “ pushed to the margins of world politics & # 39; & # 39 ;. This was stated by former Foreign Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Ohryzko in the broadcast of the television channel Espreso.

According to him, in a few months the leaders of Western countries from the United States initiative will meet at a order, which Russia will not be.

“I think two worlds will be created soon & ndash; democratic, which will unite powerful civilized countries, and autocratic countries, from 10-15 countries & # 39; & # 39 ;, & mdash; said the former head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry.

According to Ohryzek, there will be a victory in this confrontation with the world democratic regime, because this is the “ historical mission of democracy & # 39; & # 39 ;.


In Sudan, the opposition is urging people to take to the streets


Opposition in Sudan to the military authorities, the Union of Trade Unions called on the locals to take to the streets and resist the coup d'etat.

“We call on the people to take to the streets and occupy them. In order to declare their opposition and civil disobedience to the military coup, “the statement said.

It has previously been reported that ministers and senior officials in Sudan have been arrested in the capital and are still under house arrest. The TV channel “Al-Hadas” informed about it. The army blocked the entrances to the capital Khartoum and blocked bridges.

The city of Khartoum was engulfed in protests. Protesters demand the resignation of the government and support military officials. The government assured that supporters of the former ruling party of ousted President Umar al-Bashir were involved in the riots.

Protests took place in a number of cities in the country on Thursday. The locals demanded that the army transfer power. The term of the Transitional Sovereign Council of Sudan, which is to transfer power to the civilian government, expires in November.