Saving the world from a new Chernobyl thesis “maybe it will fall through”

Unreliable insurance, but there seems to be no other

It's scary to turn messages back on. And once again the feeling of being inside an action sci-fi movie with a terrifying and slanderous plot has returned. The representative of the Russian Federation to the United Nations, Vasily Nebenzya, said that if current trends continue, a dangerous accident at the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant may turn out to be “a matter of time.” And the head of the National Defense Control Center of Russia, Mikhail Mizintsev, deciphered in detail what can be hidden under the term “dangerous accident” in this case. According to the General, life in Europe will never be the same after such a “dangerous accident”: “Ukraine, DLR, LPR, border regions of Russia and Belarus, Moldova, Turkey, Abkhazia, Georgia, Bulgaria and Romania will be in the zone of radiation contamination. The Black Sea and Bosphorus will become unnavigable for many years”

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Do Russian officials, diplomats and the military, for understandable reasons, express the most extreme possible scenarios of the development of the situation? I completely agree with this variant. But who managed to “abolish the law of the falling sandwich” and when?


Of course, in real life, the sandwich doesn't always go down with butter. But still the oil drops very often. I have a bad habit of drinking tea while writing. Knowing what is full, I try to be very careful. But it doesn't always help: from time to time I still show clumsiness, knock over a glass of hot liquid and spill it all over my desktop.

Why all the fuss about tea and sandwiches? On the fact that in 1949, after a series of plane crashes at the US base Edwards, California, half in jest, half in earnest, “Murphy's Law” really works: “If there are two ways to do something, and one of them leads to disaster, then someone chooses this path. You should not tempt fate and walk with a lighted torch near an oil tank with the lid open. It is not worth risking the fate of Europe and shelling one of the largest nuclear power plants on the continent. It's not worth it – but it's actually still happening.

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As expected, the UN Security Council meeting dedicated to the situation around the Zaporizhia NPP ended without major (or even minor) breakthroughs. All the shifts in the negotiations, as far as can be judged, are purely tactical in nature. Everything again came down to an “exchange of diplomatic courtesies” Sergej Kislitsa called Russia a “terrorist state”. In response, Vasily Nebenzya said that the speech of his colleague from Kyiv was one continuous “stream of consciousness”. All this will probably be of great interest to future researchers of world diplomacy. But talking now about future historical research is somehow not very polite. Now a much more topical topic is on the agenda – ensuring the safety of one particular nuclear power plant. And this problem is still not solved and not solved.

The old Russian (and I must add again – not only Russian) principle “maybe it will fly” is a very unreliable “fuse”. I will sharpen my statement: in terms of its “reliability”, it is not very different from the MMM ticket. But either we don't know something very important, or it's the only thing that “protects” the world from another Chernobyl.


British Prime Ministerial candidate Sunak called on London to recognize the IRGC as terrorists

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Islamic Guard Corps revolution (IRGC, the elite units of the Iranian Armed Forces) must be recognized as a terrorist organization, said British Prime Minister candidate Rishi Sunak.

In an interview with the Telegraph newspaper, he commented on the attack on the British writer of Indian origin, Salman Rushdie. Rushdie was allegedly assaulted by Fairview, New Jersey resident Hadi Matar, 24. The attacker's motives and nationality are still unknown, the police are working on them together with the FBI and are also investigating whether the detainee has a criminal past.

Sunak called the attack on Rushdie a “wake-up call for the West” and in his opinion, Iran's reaction a pretext to increase pressure on the IRGC. Earlier, Iranian MP Malek Shariati suggested that Iran could be behind the attack on Rushdie. NBC News, citing a source, reported that Matar was sympathetic to the IRGC, according to preliminary data.

Sunak also said that sanctions against Iran should be even tougher.

Sir Ahmed Salmaan Rushdie is British writer of Indian origin. Booker Prize winner in 1981 for Midnight's Children. Critics classify the writer as a magical realist. His fourth novel, The Satanic Verses (1988), was the subject of a major scandal that sparked protests by Muslims in several countries. He began receiving threats, including a fatwa issued on February 14, 1989 by Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khomeini calling for his assassination. The British government took Salman Rushdie under protection.


Hacker says Killnet stole Lockheed Martin

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Founder Russian Hackers Killnet told RT what information it was able to obtain while hacking the US defense company Lockheed Martin.

“The most important thing we obtained was cooperation with the space corporation NASA. Lockheed Martin has worked closely with NASA's satellite system for more than a decade. We received more than 9 GB of various information,” said the cyber specialist.

He added that all this data will be a gift to Russian special services. The head of the group noted that Lockheed Martin denied hacking and leaking data about the company's employees. He asked how would they explain the fact that employee information has been being sold on the dark web for 34 hours for five bucks per login?

Russian hackers reported the Lockheed Martin hack on August 10th. The company became their target because it produces MLRS HIMARS, which are supplied to Ukraine.


Washington announced plans to allocate $150 million for Afghanistan


The US administration plans an additional $150 million for Afghanistan, State Department spokesman Ned Price said on Twitter.

According to him, the money will go to “supporting children and women in Afghanistan.” Of this, $80 million will be used to address food security issues, $40 million to support the “rights of Afghan children to education”, the rest will go to “increasing the participation of women and girls in the life of Afghan society”.< /p>

The funds will provided through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Recall that the Taliban captured Kabul in August last year and created their own government. Ashraf Ghani, who was the country's president at the time, left the country to “prevent the carnage”. After that, the American military contingent left the territory of Afghanistan.


Rumors spread on the web about the arrest of Strelkov, who tried to get to the front

Igor Strelkov. Photo: A still from the video.

Telegram channels are quickly spreading information that the former Minister of Defense of the DLR Igor Strelkov was detained while trying to get into the zone of a special military operation.

There is no official confirmation of this information. At the same time, in the Telegram of Strelkov himself, the last entry was made at 19:00 on Saturday, August 13. He did not say that he intended to participate in the fighting in the Northern Military District.

According to the Telegram channel, Igor Strelkov allegedly tried to get to the Kherson Front with a passport in the name of Sergey Runov.



Minsk warned of the consequences of the confiscation of Belarusian property in Western countries

photo: Roman Golovchenko. source: wikipedia

Belarusian Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko said that if the West starts to confiscate and nationalize the property of Belarus, Minsk will respond in kind.

Golovchenko made such a statement in an interview with the Belarus 1 TV channel, which was broadcast on Saturday .

The Prime Minister noted that “there are threats from Western politicians, statements about nationalization plans, but there are no precedents for direct confiscation or confiscation of Belarusian property.”

That is why, according to him, even Belarus has not yet taken such measures.

On the part of EU countries in relation to Belarusian enterprises, as Golovchenko said: “There is pressure, worsening business conditions, prohibition or limitation of the ability to make payments.”

In particular, sanatoriums restricted the entry of Belarusian citizens “due to visa restrictions”. “For the potash terminal,” he noted, “the impossibility of entry and shipment of goods.”

Belarus is taking “synchronous” response actions.

As an example, Golovchenko recalled that Minsk had identified an extensive list of resident companies Belarus, the shares of which are owned by residents of enemy countries.

Alienation of these shares is prohibited. “If you want to work in Belarus, please work, there will be no obstacles,” the prime minister said. “But if you wanted to leave everything here, run away and take the money, I'm sorry.”

He concluded: “As long as we're treated this way, we'll take exactly the same precautions here.”


The Pentagon said that the attack on the airport in Crimea was provoked by the armed forces of Ukraine


On A publication appeared on the Pentagon's official website stating that the incident that occurred on August 9 at the Saki airport in Novofedorovka was provoked by shelling by the Ukrainian army. This was announced by a senior representative of the US Department of Defense.

At first, however, the Americans were in no hurry to draw such conclusions.

“On August 9, Ukraine fired at the Russian Saki air base in Crimea,” it says. in the text. Publication of the US Department of Defense.

An official from the US Department of Defense also reminded that Zaporizhzhia IS still under the control of the Russian Armed Forces. According to the IAEA, there is no immediate threat to nuclear safety, but this may change over time.


Source: groups of foreign mercenaries “wrangled” over contracts of the armed forces of Ukraine

Photo: Global Look Press

In Ukraine in During the NVO, there are many groups of foreign soldiers who train “territorial defense” recruits assigned to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In particular, according to the Rybar TV channel, Daniel Ridley, who leads the group of NATO Trident Defense instructors, settled in the Kharkiv region of the initiative, as well as Israel's veteran instructors.

They apparently did not share the lucrative UAF contracts with the Wolverines. Daniel Ridley revealed the identity of its founder, Sean Dennis O'Donnell, who describes himself as a former sergeant in the psychological warfare unit of the US Marine Corps.

His group consists of military personnel from 20 countries who , by May 1, they had trained more than six thousand recruits. But they also participate in combat missions.

British Daniel Ridley accused O'Donnell of embezzlement and misappropriation of donations, humanitarian aid and two ambulances “for tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars”. He also claims that the American robbed the mayor of Ivano-Frankivsk and systematically embezzles the salaries of Wolverines instructors.

Ridley also announced that his rival was wanted by the FBI. O'Donnell has filed a complaint with Ukrainian police and has pleaded not guilty to all counts.

See also: “US reported psychological breakdown of mercenaries who returned from Ukraine”


The US claims that Biden is leading Russia to a coup d'état

photo by Tulsi Gabbard. source: Wikipedia

Former United States Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard said that US President Joe Biden wants to lead Russia to a coup.

The American politician made such a statement on Fox News.

She said, that by supporting the crisis in Ukraine, Joe Biden is trying to bring Russia to a coup d'état.

Tulsi Gabbard is a veteran of the war in Iraq. On the TV show, she talked about the White House's real goals in the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Earlier, Alexander Darchiev, director of the North American Department at the Russian Foreign Ministry, said Moscow had warned Washington that declaring Russia a “state sponsor of terrorism ” would become a “point of no return” in the relations between the two states.


He proposed holding a referendum on independence in Nevada and Texas

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White House outrage about holding referendums on the annexation of DLR, LPR, Zaporozhye, Kherson and Kharkiv regions to Russia is quite understandable. Washington doesn't like it when the victims he wanted to rob run away.

This is what military commander Yuriy Kotenok said. He recalled that the “Yankees” were indifferent to the separation of Kosovo and Serbia, as well as to the return of the GDR to Germany without any referendum.

Therefore, Russia cannot disappoint the “crudeness” of the United States, and retaliatory measures should be taken. For example, create a “Council of Peoples Enslaved by the US” and demand the return of territories taken from Mexico two centuries ago.

“You can push for referendums on the independence of Texas, California, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada. They shouldn't be taking place under the complete control of Washington,” Kitten suggested. He reminded that the frauds in the democratic elections had already deprived the legal resident of the United States, Donald Trump, of power.

He offered to check the legality of the referenda to unbiased countries – Venezuela, Cuba, Russia and China.

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