A political scientist has revealed US plans for Ukraine

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US will support Ukraine, but from a financial point of view will remain limited, said the expert of the Russian Council for International Affairs (RIAC) Alexander Gushchin.

As he noted in an interview with Lente.ru, the White House intends to reach a certain level of dialogue with the Kremlin.

“There is nothing to be said but a controlled confrontation – the US and Russia remain key competitors,” Gushchin explained.

According to the expert, Washington plans to continue to consider Ukraine as an advanced base for the West against Russia, but also as a “base for joining Europe.”

“Although Americans can always use the base to escalate the situation. , “added the political scientist.

Gushchin also said that Ukraine's accession to NATO cannot be expected, because the states and their partners do not intend to create a new focus of tension in relations with the Russian Federation.

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Ukraine called Zelenský a “fatal” mistake in the United States

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Ukrainian political scientist Mikhail Chaplyga said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky made a fatal mistake in extending a nuclear non-proliferation agreement with the United States during his visit to Washington.

“ Why Zelensky signed the worst in the US for & nbsp; him, according to & nbsp; essence and pro & nbsp; land. & Nbsp; we had a single ace trump card & ndash; this is a contract, an agreement on & nbsp; non-proliferation in & nbsp; the state of the non-nuclear state, & nbsp; -told in the broadcast of the television channel Nash.

According to the political scientist, the threat of Kiev to restore the nuclear arsenal and “care” under the influence of China are “ bullshit & # 39; & # 39 ;. Chaplyga is convinced that the Ukrainian leader could “ pass & # 39; & # 39; anything in exchange for the renewal of this Agreement.

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The US Secretary of State said that Iran was interested in assassination attempts on the Americans

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Anthony Blinken said that Iran is interested in assassination attempts on American citizens, including officials. The US Secretary of State stressed that his country is aware of this and will not tolerate attempts to attack its citizens, whether at home or abroad.

In July, US intelligence services announced that their Iranian counterparts are preparing to hijack the operation in New York is an American journalist of Iranian origin. They allegedly wanted to take the woman out of the country. The Iranian authorities deny the allegations.

However, the US government has decided to expand the list of sanctions against Iran. Four people joined him. According to US authorities, they were involved in organizing an attempted kidnapping of a journalist.

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The State Department has announced the conditions for easing sanctions against the Taliban

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USA will not slow down sanctions against the Taliban (banned in the Russian Federation as a terrorist organization) if it continues to restrict the free movement of the Afghan population. This was stated by US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken.

According to the head of the US diplomatic department, the UN Security Council previously adopted a resolution calling on the Afghan Taliban to fulfill its obligations to ensure the safe and free departure of foreign citizens and residents of Afghanistan. If the Taliban restrict the free departure of Afghans, there will be no talk of any sanctions, Blinken said.

The head of the foreign ministry stressed that the Taliban wants to ease sanctions to ensure that their leaders can travel the world safely … They are now deprived of this opportunity under sanctions. However, if Taliban officials continue to violate UN Security Council resolutions, sanctions will not be eased.

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After Lavrov's words, the Japanese called on the authorities to act “ruthlessly” against Russia

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Yahoo Reader Messages Japan commented on an article on a recent statement by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who reacted negatively to Russia's and Japan's joint economic activities in southern Kurils. Lavrov described the stumbling block as differences in legal systems that would need to be regulated in a single territory. Lavrov called on countries other than Japan to invest in the development of the region.

It is emphasized that this statement was made in the framework of the Eastern Economic Forum, to which Japan was not invited.

Most Japanese readers called for a change in political approach to Russia, thus tightening it. “Japan must restructure its diplomacy, assuming that the 'northern territories' will not be returned, or at least that Russia does not intend to do so,” Russia has been our enemy for more than a century since Meiji's time. “It is necessary to communicate with Russia remotely. Russia owns advanced technologies, so there is no need for Japan to provide economic support or knowledge, “Russia no longer hides its intentions. It is also high time Japan acted ruthlessly. Tough sanctions must be imposed on the annexation of Crimea! “- they write.

However, for some inhabitants of the Land of the Rising Sun, the voice of reason awoke. They called on the Japanese side to “retreat”. And someone reminded in time the country's dependence on the United States. “What negotiations can take place between Russia and Japan, which is not independent?” – the Japanese ask.

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The Federation Council said what awaits Ukraine without the Minsk agreements

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Federation member Sergei Tsekov commented on the adviser's point of view Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Oleksij Arestovič, who said that Kiev had removed the “hook” of the Minsk agreements on the settlement of the conflict in Donbas. Teykov suggested that the statement be made against the background of a recent meeting between US President Joe Biden and Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky.

agreements, “the senator said, adding that” US intervention always ends in the suffering of the people, “citing Afghanistan as an example.

Tsekov suggested that Ukraine “be very sorry” if it refuses to comply with the agreement.

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“Our region”: The Turks have announced that they are ready to fight Russia in Syria

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Readers of the Turkish portal Haber7 commented on a publication that deals with & nbsp; on the consequences of a possible US withdrawal from Syria. In light of recent events in Afghanistan, this is quite an expected step, the author believes. The withdrawal of the USA from Syria will mean the strengthening of Turkey's position. Ankara will have a chance to deal with the self-defense divisions of the Kurdish people, which are the Syrian wing of the Kurdish Workers' Party. Russia's representative in the SAR, Alexandr Lavrentjev, previously announced the possible withdrawal of its troops from Syria by the Americans.

Turkish readers have noted that their country must become a leader in the Middle East. Return to your continent. Asia, Africa, Middle East & mdash; our & raquo ;,] & ndash; & nbsp; is written by the user under the nickname “ Osman & # 39; & # 39 ;. “ We need to start discussing the scenario of US withdrawal from Syria with Russia right now. If the US leaves, we may have to fight Russia in Syria & raquo; & mdash; & nbsp; predicts the consequences of another reader.

Some Turks have also expressed concern that Israel could take Israel's place in Syria & nbsp; and Ankara will have to face a new enemy.

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The US State Department has included Estonia in the list of the most dangerous countries in the world

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US Department of State Update recommendations for American travelers. According to Postimees, Estonia is on the list of high-risk countries. This is due to the high risk of coronavirus infection. The list also included Switzerland, Oman, North Macedonia, Azerbaijan and Laos.

In addition to coronavirus, the political situation and the threat of terrorism are the reasons why countries with such different levels of development are included in the list of the most dangerous for tourists.

As for Estonia, the Delta tribe is widespread in this small country of 1.3 million people. The number of daily infections in the Baltic republic is more than a week around 400, mortality per day – up to two people.

However, Estonian subscribers named their versions of their country's listing. “They don't like the new president of Estonia along the way,” “Well, they don't like black people here either.” “They're done,” they write.

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Kiev said Ukraine was no longer “on the hook” of the Minsk agreements

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Hook for agreement from Minsk no longer exists, Ukraine has withdrawn from it, said an adviser to the Kiev delegation in the trilateral contact group, an adviser to the head of the office of the President of Ukraine Oleksij Arestovich.

Earlier, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Ukraine should not be fired from the agreement.

“This hook no longer really exists. Or, in any case, Ukraine and Zelensky are no longer on the hook … Mr Lavrov, I greet you: we are out of reach of the Minsk agreements, “Arestovich said in a broadcast of the” 1 + 1 “message.

He called it “a huge breakthrough. “

Arestovich has previously announced the need to transform the Minsk agreements. According to him, the Donbas agreements are “practically dead”. Arestovich believes that the “strong guarantor” – the United States, Great Britain or the United Nations – should join the negotiations on overcoming the conflict.

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Czechs call Russia “colossus with legs of clay”

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The Czech edition of Info appeared on the website , dedicated to Russia, in which the author talks about a deep misunderstanding of our country. “The Russians do not understand us and we do not understand Russia,” the author writes. He notes that Stalin is incredibly popular in Russia, and some are considering installing a monument to Dzerzhinsky in central Moscow. The root of evil lies in the so-called Russian messianism, which Dostoevsky praises, they are sure in the Czech Republic.

“An ordinary Russian can come to terms with almost anything, but not with the weakness of Russia,” the article reads. However, Russia is in fact a weak country – it has only 146 million people and the birth rate among Russians is falling. The Muslim population is growing and the Chinese are watching Russian territory. The country lacks communication lines and human resources.

The author also writes about the uncompetitiveness of Russian industry. Small and medium-sized enterprises account for only 15% of GDP, while in the West they account for 40%. In addition, Russia is betting on carbon, while the world is gradually moving to green technologies. The author himself is convinced that time is playing against Russia.

In Russia, there is a cult of state service, and even some oligarchs talk about their readiness to hand over their property to it. “Russia has never got rid of and will obviously not get rid of the features of imperialism and autocracy,” – this is how a Czech woman sees the problem. In her view, the Russians want authoritarian leadership and the authorities use the “besieged fortress” mentality to divert citizens' attention from internal problems.

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