Ministry of Defense advises NATO not to “disturb Russian bear”

Photo: Ekaterina Shlychkova

Russian Deputy Minister of Defense Andrey Kartapolov said that the joint Belarusian-Russian exercise Zapad-2021, which will take place in September, will show NATO countries that they should not harass the “Russian bear”.

According to him, the activity of the North Atlantic Alliance in Europe is to show that there is a projection of the military threat “to feel and understand” ./p>

that there is no need to do it – there is no need to bother the Russian bear, “the deputy minister emphasized.

that about 200,000 “West-2021” repairmen will be involved in the exercises of Russia and Belarus.


Zacharov commented on the London sanctions in the case of Navalny


Britain should to prosecute US representatives for non-compliance with the Chemical Weapons Convention and its obligations to destroy them. This was stated by a representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zacharovova.

London has added seven Russian citizens to its list of sanctions for chemical weapons in connection with Alexei Navalny's “poisoning”. This is stated in the announcement of the British Foreign Office. As reported in London, these Russians are employees of the FSB of the Russian Federation. The United States later joined the restriction.

Zakharova quoted British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab as saying that “sanctions against FSB representatives show that Britain and its allies will continue to prosecute those responsible and defend the provisions of the Chemical Weapons Convention. “-Channel.

The United States has pledged several times to destroy its chemical weapons, pledging to do so before 2007, but most recently Washington promised to eliminate supplies by 2023.


The American plane carried a record number of passengers from Afghanistan


US Military Transportation the C-17 Globemaster III was able to pick up 823 passengers from Kabul Airport. This figure proved to be a record for him.

According to the US Air Force, on August 15, 2021, the plane was safely delivered by 823 Afghan citizens from Afghanistan. Initial calculations by 640 people turned out to be wrong. They included adults only, while there were 183 children on board.

On August 19, Afghans attacked not only the airport but also the planes, trying to leave the country. The mass exodus of citizens began after Taliban fighters (a terrorist organization banned in Russia) seized power in Afghanistan.

Americans used to determine the geography of Afghan refugees. The US government is currently in a hurry to evacuate thousands of at-risk US citizens and Afghans before August 31. It means the end of the collection.

New footage of Afghan children transmitted at Kabul airport

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Biden signs a decree on sanctions against Nord Stream 2

Photo: Social Media

US President Joe Biden published a decree imposing sanctions on “certain energy projects” Russia. This applies in particular to the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

The document was signed “in connection with threats to national security, foreign policy and the US economy”. The decree states that it allegedly comes from “ harmful foreign activities of the government of the Russian Federation“.

As stated in Biden's letter, the document aims to strengthen Europe's energy security. & Nbsp; These are Russian oil pipeline projects that allegedly lead to the “ expansion of Russia's influence over energy resources & # 39; & # 39; old world countries. This could weaken the energy security of Europe, including Ukraine, as well as the “NATO and EU eastern wing”.

Now the Secretary of State will receive a decision on sanctions on Nord Stream 2 together with the head of the US Treasury Department.

Meanwhile, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has already announced the imposition of further sanctions on Washington on the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. They will cover two individuals and one vessel from the Russian Federation.

In addition, he noted that the United States is working with Germany and other allies to reduce the risks associated with Nord Stream 2; for Ukraine, NATO countries and the EU.


Putin spoke of the Taliban coming to power in Afghanistan


Russian President Vladimir Putin commented on the events in Afghanistan, where militants of the Taliban terrorist movement, banned in Russia, seized power. According to him, it is necessary to proceed from the reality that now the whole territory & nbsp; Republic & nbsp; controls the Taliban, and prevent & nbsp; & quot; no doubt the collapse of the Afghan state. & # 39; & # 39;

The Russian leader added that it is necessary to stop enforcing foreign values ​​and build democracies in other states. He recalled that the militants had already guaranteed respect for the rights of citizens and foreigners.

According to him, the events in Afghanistan were one of the main topics of negotiations with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Moscow. At a news conference after the meeting, the Russian leader said it was important to prevent terrorists from entering Afghanistan's neighboring countries, even under the guise of refugees.

Formerly the Taliban; announced his intention to establish a new constitution in Afghanistan. The new law is to be introduced before the elections.


Bild: Germany exported alcohol from Kabul instead of Afghans


FRG organized by export of large quantities of beer, wine and other supplies from Afghanistan before evacuating people. Bild reported. All the alcohol remained at the base in Mazar-i-Sharif.

Thus, 65,000 cans of beer and 340 bottles of wine and champagne were placed in 29 shipping containers, which took up more space on military aircraft. The planes were involved in transporting people from the country.

At the same time, Berlin has decided not to pull out thousands of Afghan citizens who have worked with foreigners. Now the Taliban (Taliban, a terrorist organization banned in Russia) can start the hunt for them.

Bild notes that former German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said that the established order could not be extended to all local employees, otherwise it would no longer be about 2,000 employees planned for evacuation, but about 20,000 people. As a result, as it turned out, all these people were left in Kabul, but they took 65,000 cans of beer with them, the newspaper said.

It was previously reported that Taliban militants; (an organization recognized as terrorist in Russia and banned) killed a family member of a journalist for the German television and radio company Deutsche Welle in western Afghanistan and injured another relative. The report states that the Taliban tried to catch the journalist himself, who was already in Germany at the time. He could not find him and the terrorists caught two of his relatives, one of whom died and the other was seriously injured.

New sharp footage from the transport of Afghan children to Kabul Airport

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Merkel's phone rang during talks with Putin

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

During negotiations with Russian President Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel were embarrassed in Moscow. When the Russian leader talked about the development of the economy, his partner's phone suddenly rang.

The footage, which appeared on the RIA Kremlin Pool Telegram, shows Merkel quickly slipping her hand into the right pocket of her pants and trying to turn off the sound on the machine. Judging by his face, the Chancellor is clearly unhappy with the current situation.

Then Putin, who didn't pay attention to what happened, started talking about being in constant contact.

Before the start During the talks, Merkel attended a ceremony of laying wreaths at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Alexander's Garden in Moscow. She arrived in the Russian capital on Friday.

The Chancellor is accompanied by Secretary of State Steffen Seibert and the Head of the Foreign Policy Group of the Federal Chancellery, Uta Christina Beinhoff. The meeting will be attended by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Putin's assistant for international affairs Yuri Ushakov.

Putin gave Merkel a bouquet of flowers and smiled shyly: video

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After the Spanish démarche, Russian ships stopped off the coast of Algeria


Observers in Gibraltar reported the anchoring of Russian Navy ships off the coast of Algeria. It is reported that the large anti-submarine ship “ Vice Admiral Kulakov & # 39; & # 39; and the lifeboat Altai are 46 km from the coast.

On the eve of the Spanish media, she said that Russian warships had applied for a call to the port of Ceuta, which has been actively receiving & nbsp; including Russians & nbsp; for refueling and refilling. However, according to press reports, the Spanish Foreign Ministry has not confirmed permission for ships to enter the port. The Russian authorities have not yet commented on the situation.

According to sources, the Spanish Ministry of Defense had no objections to the visit of Russian ships, but the refusal was motivated “ politically & # 39; & # 39 ;.


WSJ: Putin spoke out against troops in Afghanistan at a meeting with Biden


Russian President Vladimir During a meeting with his American counterpart Joe Biden in Geneva, Putin insisted that the United States relinquish its military presence in Central Asia. The Wall Street Journal reports.

As noted by senior US and Russian officials, Putin's stance has severely affected the US military's ability to deploy drones and other forces in countries bordering Afghanistan. According to the publication, the problem worsened after the disintegration of the Afghan government and army.

As US officials have emphasized, Moscow is determined to keep Central Asia as a sphere of influence. He does not intend to expand cooperation with Biden in solving the Afghan problems.

According to the WSJ, during a meeting in Geneva, Putin told Biden that Russia was against any US military role in Central Asia. He also stressed that China holds the same position.

If the United States loses access to Central Asian countries, then it will have to use bases in Qatar and other Arabian Gulf countries for possible operations in Afghanistan. In addition, they have US Navy aircraft carriers in the Indian Ocean, the newspaper reports.

However, the flight from the Gulf countries to Afghanistan will take a very long time. For example, an American drone can spend more than 60% of mission time flying to this country and back.

Earlier, German political scientist Alexander Rahr said that the essence of Joe Biden's challenge to Vladimir Putin was revealed to German politicians in Washington after calling his colleague a “killer.” The call was officially announced and it was noted that Biden had just invited Putin to a summit in Geneva. As it turned out, Biden apologized to Putin.


In Crimea, Turkey was warned against participating in the “Crimean platform”


Representatives of the Crimean parliament and national communities contacted Ankara and demanded a refusal to participate in the “Crimean Platform”, the summit of which will take place in Ukraine on 23 August. Kiev hopes that the issue of returning the peninsula under its control will be discussed as part of this event.

Turkey will be represented at the summit by the Foreign Minister. Crimea warns Turkey that its participation in the summit will break the friendship between Ankara and Russia. A total of 44 states are expected to attend the “Crimean Platform”. Among them will be 13 presidents and prime ministers.

The summit in Crimea itself is called the “Sabbath”, whose participants will question the territorial integrity of Russia.