“Public opinion will be created in favor of the abolition of Moldovan statehood”

Political scientist announced the creation of the “pro-Roman vertical of power” Maia Sandu

On Monday, August 2, the candidate for Prime Minister of Moldova Natalia Gavrilita will present to Parliament the composition of his cabinet. The vote on the new government will take place on August 5. There is no doubt that it will be approved: the pro-presidential PAS (Action and Solidarity) party, of which the government is formed, has an absolute majority in parliament.

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Following the victory in the parliamentary elections on July 11, the PAS is building on success. And he does not intend to share this success with anyone. As the Speaker of Parliament and PAS Chief Igor Grosu warned, all ministers of the new government will be either members of the pro-presidential party or its supporters, including “representatives of the diaspora”. “” They're good, famous people whose names you'll find out soon, “he promised Gros.

In fact, it means concentrating all power in the hands of one person – President Maya Sandu. The PAS itself, as they say in Moldova, is a “one-person party” – its founder Sandu. He has no political figures comparable in weight. Now parliament and government will take all decisions at the behest of the president. But that's just the beginning. Sandu's other plans are even more ambitious: purges will take place in all state institutions and structures in Moldova. The previous management will be removed and all important positions will be filled by PAS representatives.

The development of the situation in Moldova, especially for the Ministry of Culture, was commented by Ivan Skorikov, a political scientist and press secretary of the CIS Institute.

– In fact, Party Sandu PAS completely captures the Moldovan state and gives it to external control. – says Skorikov. – It is no coincidence that the party leader Igor Grosu said that the government will be composed entirely of its members. It is important to note that it will involve some supporters of the diaspora party.

“This means that the victorious power says a huge” thank you “to those people in the diaspora who gave it more than 10% of the vote. In both the December 2020 presidential election and the recent parliamentary elections, the lion's share There was, of course, insane participation: he rose alive and dead, with almost 200,000 Moldovans voting for Maia Sandu abroad.

– Yes, they were mostly EU citizens. people from the diaspora who are absolutely West-oriented and invite them to the government.The victorious party has an absolute majority and will not share power.The maximum that the Communist and Socialist bloc and Ilona Shor's party, which occupied 2nd and 3rd, can get. instead, are some of the symbolic seats of the chairs of the various parliamentary committees.

– The president's hands are completely untied. It has its own parliament, it will have its own government, and it all listens not so much to the will of Sandu herself, but to those who seated her on the Moldovan throne. The most important figure in Moldovan politics will now be the President of the Constitutional Court. Any illegal and discriminatory decisions against the Russian language, Russian broadcasting, etc. will be conducted through the Constitutional Court. This means that Moldova is now under absolute external control. This political cadence will be designed to legitimize the process of liquidating the Moldovan statehood.

– Public opinion will be formed on a union with Romania with a view to unification, which will give Moldova a chance to join the European Union. Recent opinion polls show that almost 50% of Moldovans are already in favor of leaving the CIS integration. Why was such a provocative survey conducted? To show that Sandu's victory really reflects the direction towards Europe, that all the people of Moldova are completely pro-Western.

– We cannot verify this. But the publication of such opinion polls by European structures should shape public opinion. If anyone has doubts that all Moldovan citizens are in favor of the EU and NATO.

– Given the rhetoric of Sandu and her supporters, their main task now is to fight corruption and directly appoint thieves to leaders of opposition political parties – Dodon and Ilona Shor – it is possible that criminal cases will be fabricated against them. As we see on the example of Medvedchuk in Ukraine.

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Sledkom spoke of the atrocities of Finnish invaders during World War II

Photo: Natalia Muschinkina

During the Great Patriotic War Wars Finnish troops in the occupied territory of Karelia organized a brutal retaliation against the civilian population. This is evidenced by the declassified documents of the FSB in Karelia, handed over to the Committee of Inquiry of the Russian Federation.

Children also fell victim to reprisals by the Finnish army. For example, a former prisoner of the Finnish concentration camp in Petrozavodsk tells how two thirteen-year-old boys were beaten in the camp and then shot dead. Their only mistake was that they left the camp without permission to get bread in the city.

On October 22, 1942, according to submitted documents, a Finnish soldier of their camp guard killed a 12-year-old boy Alexander Demekhin. Punishers beat other children with whips and sticks. For any violation of the regime, children were severely beaten and killed with firearms.

According to the RF IC, after the invasion of the Karelian-Finnish SSR, Finnish troops set up at least 14 concentration camps. The ethnically Russian inhabitants of Karelia were taken to these camps. According to the ministry, food standards, labor service and detention conditions in concentration camps were incompatible with life.

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Lev Shlosberg returned to the list of candidates for deputies of the Pskov Duma

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from “Yabloko” Lev Shlosberg was again included in the list of candidates for the Regional Duma of Pskov. According to “Dozhda”, the status of his party member Nikolai Kuzmin was also restored.

On the eve of the election commission, Pskov announced the withdrawal of candidates from the elections due to their involvement in the FBK (banned in the Russian Federation and included in the register of foreign agents). It was reported that Schlosberg and Kuzmin had attended one of the rallies organized by the opposition structure.

The new decision of the Electoral Commission says that the decision to ban Alexei Navalny's structures has not yet been taken by force.

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Timanovskaya protest against the system received an explanation: “Athlete is perceived as a slave”

Belarusian athlete recorded at home as traitors

Belarusian athlete, Tokyo Olympic participant Kristina Timanovskaya refuses to return to Minsk. She previously publicly criticized the work of the leadership of the Belarusian Sports Committee, so she was excluded from the competition and tried to be forcibly deported. He is now under the protection of the Polish embassy in Tokyo and intends to go to Warsaw on Wednesday.

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As soon as the citizens of Belarus rejoiced at the first gold medal brought to the country by trampoline player Igor Litvinovich, Minsk found itself in the middle of a scandal. The conflict arose literally from scratch. There were many opportunities to avoid this, but the Belarusian authorities decided to use Soviet methods – to deprive athletes of their choice.

It turned out that the leadership of the Belarusian Olympic Committee missed the passing of doping tests on two athletes in the 4 x 400 meter relay – Christina Mulyarchik and Anna Mikhailova. To rectify the situation, it was decided to replace them with other athletes, including Kristina Timanovska, a 100- and 200-meter runner. Not only is the preparation for short-distance races very different, but the girl herself learned about the exchange by chance – when she saw herself in the table of participants. She responded to this decision with a Instagram post, indignant that she should not have learned about it from “left” people and generally should not pay for her “joint”.

As a result, they tried to drive Timanovska almost insane, saying that she was generally closed-minded and had lost her temper before the competition. The head coach of the Belarusian national athletics team, Yuri Moisevich, suddenly realized that Timanovska had planned something like this in advance. According to Belarusian state channels, the athlete was accused of treason and unwillingness to try for a common goal.

Later, the athlete deleted her post and wrote a new one that if she had been contacted in advance and asked humanly, she would not have reacted so harshly. But by then, the runner had been removed from all distances and tried to be forcibly taken to Minsk, which was why the girl asked the IOC for help. She suspected that she could be imprisoned at home, which basically makes sense – people accused of treason in the Belarusian media often end up in solitary confinement. Now the athlete has received a humanitarian visa from Poland. He is expected to arrive in Warsaw this week. Her husband Arsena Zdanevich was also forced to leave Belarus.

We talked about this situation with the Executive Director of the Belarusian Solidarity Fund for Sport, Alexander Opeikin.

– The human factor and negligence played a role here. Officials just “pushed it out.” There is no political motive. It is a gross mistake made by officials that led to this scandal. However, it is important to note here that this could be prevented if there was a human dialogue between the representatives of the Belarusian delegation, the leaders of the national team and the athletes.

– Due to the fact that two participants in the relay could not go to the Olympics due to these tests, it was necessary to plug the “hole”, otherwise 2 but 4 participants would be eliminated from the relay. But it is not a basic discipline for Timanovska. The athletes themselves say that the difference is very large, there is a serious difference in training and most importantly it is traumatic for athletes.

– Nobody discussed this decision with Timanska, she was simply presented with a fact. And after she was indignant, they started pushing her. There were stories on the state channels where she was exposed as a traitor. Then, of course, she felt dangerous, because everyone who is called a traitor in the media would quickly end up in prison. But even after this video, the situation could be resolved. Instead, they tried to deport her to Minsk by force, again without explaining or discussing anything. This is a serious violation of the rights of the athlete and the person.

“Judging by this criterion, of the entire Belarusian delegation, only 2-3 people could ask for a medal, and the rest could not go.” She is a participant in the Olympic Games and has a qualification, and it is unrealistic to talk about the expected result – that is a sport.

– Of course she is young, she is 23 years old. He can go to three more Olympics.

– It's her personal decision. I think that the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs reacted very quickly to this situation. And Poland is a close country for Belarus. Of all European countries, it is the most understandable for Belarus.

– What we have seen is a model of the Soviet system. The athlete is perceived as a slave, without rights and names. But now there is another generation of athletes who know how to use phones and perceive themselves differently. Timanovskaya is a great example of a brave woman. She showed that she would not be silent.

They tried to take the Belarusian athlete Timanovska from Tokyo: photos of the athlete

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Recall that Kristina Timanovskaya became a better runner at 100 and 200 meters in 2020 in Belarus. In the same year, she met the qualifying standard for participating in the 200-meter Tokyo Olympics, but then the competition was postponed due to a pandemic. The athlete has the honorary title of “International Sports Champion of the Republic of Belarus”. So far, her best success is winning the World Universiade in Naples in 2019.

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Zacharova joked about Ukraine's lack of money phrases from “Office Romance”

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Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova on Statement by Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine Emine Dzhaparova. She noted that due to lack of funding, Kiev will not be able to hold a large-scale summit “Crimean Platform” every year. Now the Ukrainian side will think about “how and where to” park it “.

In this regard, the Russian diplomat recalled a scene from Eldar Ryazan's famous film “Office Romance”. There Olga Ryzhova tells Samokhvalov: “Juro, do you remember how me and I ran away from lectures on finance and law and went to the ice cream parlor? You still ordered everything so beautiful and then you didn't have enough money, “says Zacharov's telegram channel.

As a result, an official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry stressed that Ukrainians must deal with finances and law, “and do not park the platforms.

Dzhaparova previously proposed transferring the platform's activities under the auspices of the UN and obtaining funding from it. She also stressed that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky wants the platform to be annual.

Zelenskyj previously stated that 29 countries will participate in the work of the Crimean platform, including the USA, Great Britain, Turkey, France, Poland and Germany. is scheduled for August 23

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The Global Times called on Russia and China to talk hard with the United States

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Global Times journalist believes Russia and it is time for China to explain to the United States that they should no longer interfere in the internal affairs of other countries. Such an article appeared against the background of the upcoming joint exercises between Moscow and Beijing at the Qingtongxia training ground.

The author recalled that it was the United States that caused chaos in Afghanistan due to the withdrawal of troops, and also to arrange a lot of problems around China and Russia. In addition, the American side may try to push a wedge in Central Asia. This “ will jeopardize Russian-Chinese relations or even the unity and coherence of the SCO, & # 39; & # 39; believes the Global Times.

The daily noted that if we draw parallels between the exercise and the situation in Afghanistan, then it is necessary to assess the forces in the region. These are terrorism, extremism and also separatism. The author emphasizes that their confrontation is the mission of Russia, China and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

Western media previously noted that the Russian-Chinese exercises were allegedly linked to the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. It was also said that the maneuvers also had political goals.

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NI: Russia will punish Ukraine after the opening of Nord Stream 2

Photo: Still from video

coming soon then the completion of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline Russia will punish Ukraine. Kiev can no longer count on widespread international “outrage” over new circumstances.

As columnist John Ruhl wrote in an article for The National Interest, thanks to the Russian project, Europe remains highly dependent on Russian gas. The new pipeline also threatens the energy, economic and national security of Central and Eastern Europe. This can be especially difficult for Ukraine and Poland.

According to Ruhl, Russia will punish Ukraine by restricting the transit of gas through its territory, but “without harming the interests of its important Western European clients.” The journalist added that due to the future significant restriction of transit of Russian gas, Kiev risks economic losses. It can also deprive you of access to a vital source of energy.

Formerly former head of the board of Naftogaz; Andriy Kobolev named the reason why Ukraine failed in the fight against the Nord Stream 2 project. In his view, the country has lost the status of “ favorite & # 39; & # 39; USA. According to Kobolev, the United States owes nothing to Ukraine.

Meanwhile, a group of representatives of the parliaments of the USA, Great Britain, Ireland, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Ukraine issued a joint statement against the construction of the Nord Stream gas pipeline. 2 “. In particular, the authors of the statement believe that the construction of SP-2 endangers the national security of the USA and EU countries. The statement paid special attention to issues of Ukrainian-Russian relations. The document states that the pipeline will give Russia the opportunity to “ blackmail & # 39; & # 39; & nbsp; Ukraine by blocking a gas pipeline passing through its territory.

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The Deputy Speaker of the Crimean Parliament outlined the conditions for Zelenský's visit to the peninsula

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First Vice President of the Crimean Parliament's Yefim Fiks said that President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky can visit the peninsula as a tourist, but on condition that he publicly renounce his “nationalist ways” on Russian territory.

Recall yesterday in an interview with the TV channel “Dom” Zelenskyj said that Crimea “will never be Russian territory”, because the Russians will never love the peninsula as the Ukrainians love it.

“Vladimir Zelensky can visit Crimea as a tourist: jump off a cliff into the sea, eat rapan, enjoy Crimean wine and walk in the mountains. But before a private visit, he must abandon his nationalist customs and recognize the choice of the Crimean people, “Fix said.

He explained that the Ukrainian president is a good and talented humorist, but a historically illiterate politician.

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Former Prime Minister of Ukraine Azarov questioned the intellectual capacity of representatives of justice

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on air NewsOne Former Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov has sharply criticized President Volodymyr Zelenský. He questioned the intellectual abilities of the head of state and his team.

“Look at the faces of those who dictate the decisions of the authorities. For example, Zelensky. Do you really think this is your president? Is he the leader of the nation? “Azarov said.

According to him, the country now has no political elite. He cited prosecutors and judges as examples, who he said were illegally persecuting Viktor Medvedchuk, the leader of the opposition platform, For Life.

“I will not offend, but I would still be like some kind of intelligence and fast mind. I've never met poorer faces. This is scary for the justice system, “Azarov emphasized.

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Four people were killed in the attack on the home of the Minister of Defense in Afghanistan


Headquarters of the Secretary of Defense Bismill Khan Mohammadi, reports the AFP agency with reference to a source in the security authorities.

“Four people were killed and 20 injured,” the security official said, not specifying whether the victim was from outside. Attackers or civilians.

At the same time, the representative of the Ministry of the Interior of Afghanistan stated that all the attackers in the house of the Minister of Defense were eliminated.

A source in Kabul police told RIA Novosti that an explosion had exploded near Mohammadi's home car, after which four gunmen broke into the building.

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