“It's not good anywhere”: British call Russian Su-30 fighters “junk”

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Daily tabloid readers Media Mail commented on the news of the capture of the American patrol aircraft Boeing P-8 Poseidon over the Black Sea by Russian Su-30 fighters. The incident occurred the day before, the American plane did not cross the Russian air border. At the same time, Russia continues to monitor the NATO Sea Breeze exercise. in the Black Sea.

The author of the article suggests that the incident took place near Crimea, and recalled the shooting against the British destroyer Defender on June 23, when the ship crossed the Russian border.

The readers were divided into two parts. Some believe that Russia in the Black Sea can do whatever it wants, others have emphasized that the sea does not belong to it. “ This is the backyard of Russia & ndash; expect what to expect “,” This is Russian territory and you will get NATO out “,” Russian militancy seems to be difficult, “” ndash; marked by the customer.

Some Britons recalled that they had not heard of Russian planes flying off the coast of Florida, and complained that the Americans were “interfering” with them. Do it. In response, someone clarified that Russian fighters sometimes appear off the coast of Alaska. “ Russia is completely surrounded by American bases. And yet we consider them aggressors? & # 39; & # 39; & ndash; one of the readers asked a question.

However, there are people who do not believe in the power of Russian aviation. So one of the subscribers called it “junk.” “ Russian planes don't look good at all“, & ndash; thinks. “ Russia flies rusty buckets with engines from Hillman subcompact & # 39; & # 39; (Hillman Imp) 1967 and starving unpaid pilots & # 39; & # 39 ;, & ndash; added another. But against this background, no one has any illusions about the capabilities of the American leadership. Biden's administration is weak, and the Russians know it. Testing the answer … It will be even worse & # 39; & # 39 ;, & ndash; written by residents of the United States and Britain.

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Russian strategic missile launchers are successfully launching missiles in the Arctic

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The exercise took place in Arctic long-range aviation with the participation of missile carriers Tu-160 and Tu-95MS. They covered 4,000 kilometers to get to the test site and successfully fired guided missiles at ground targets. The television channel Zvezda informed about it.

“Launches proceeded normally, the missiles hit the targets within range, which confirmed the specified characteristics of accuracy,” said the Ministry of Defense.

It is reported that the rocket launchers took off from the airport in the Saratov region. The day before, long-range crews were moving there from the Amur and Ryazan areas.

The exercises also took place in the Irkutsk region. The crews of the Tu-95MS aircraft practiced shooting from the stern cannons of the aircraft. Departures took place from the domestic airport. The flight time was more than six hours.

The tactical flight training of the Tu-160, Tu-95MS and Il-78 crews will continue until July 9. They are led by the commander of long-distance aviation, Lieutenant General Sergei Kobylash.

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Russia wants an explanation from Japan about its military alliance with America

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Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Moscow hopes to receive an explanation from Japan about the military alliance between Tokyo and Washington, as well as security in the region.

According to Lavrov, Japan has previously assured Russia that it will never allow the deployment of weapons posing a threat to Russia on its territory, but at the moment it is doing so by declaring its alliance with America.

“I believe that our questions about the security threats posed by the military alliance with America will be seriously considered by the Japanese authorities during the dialogue, we will receive an explanation and we will be ready to discuss them,” added the Russian Foreign Minister.

Among other things, he noted that there are now many communication channels between Russia and Japan has been interrupted, dialogue between the countries must be resumed.

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The former MP said of Zelenka's “hysteria” over NATO

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As stated by the Nash TV channel, former Deputy Supreme Yevgeny Muraev spoke of the “mood” that dominates the team of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenský on the prospects of the country's accession to NATO and the European Union.

Muraev noted that all the latest statements of the official Kiev on the subject, more like hysteria than constructive position.

“The Office of the President, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Zelenský himself have suffered … a crushing defeat in international relations,” the ex-deputy. He recalled that the Netherlands had blocked the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement in a “consultation” referendum on ratification of the document, and that Hungary had done the same with the NATO Independent.

“Ukraine once had very warm relations with Hungary, Germany, the Netherlands and France. And today they are our opponents … Zelen skye has done everything to ensure that we, as a country in Germany and France, are not respected, “Added Muraev.

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Pushkov responded to ex-diplomat Khaly about the lack of allies in Ukraine

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Russian Senator Alexey Pushkov replied in his telegram channel to the words of former First Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine & Oleksandr Chaly, who complained that Nezalezhnaya currently has no real allies.

Pushkov praised Chaly for a realistic assessment of the geopolitical situation in Ukraine. & # 39; & # 39;

& quot; That's right: neither France, nor Germany, nor & nbsp; USA & nbsp; they are not ready to fight for Ukraine …

In fact, she is alone with unreliable partners such as Lithuania, & # 39; & # 39; wrote the senator.

He added that all that Vilnius is ready for is to throw PACE with Kiev and Pace. demand new sanctions against Russia.

“They are hardly more capable in Lithuania,” the senator concluded.

“, –

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Lukashenko of Ukraine almost deprived of blueberries

Residents of border villages feared border closures

Belarus is literally surrounded by enemies. On Thursday, President Alexander Lukashenko thanked his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, for his public support “against attempts to destabilize the situation” in the country, and proved the next day that the aid was more than justified. In his speech at the Independence Day meeting, he announced that “sleeping terrorist cells” had been removed in the country. The statement caused panic in Ukraine – from there, according to Lukashenko, weapons got to Minsk, so the border between the countries must be closed.

At a ceremony in honor of Belarus Independence Day, Lukashenko spoke of another attempt to seize power. Photo: gov.by

The “terrorists” gathered on the telegram channel “Department of Self-Defense of Belarus”. “Combat Reserve” group – 2.5 thousand subscribers. The attackers allegedly planned to undermine the Russian Navy's communications center in the Belarusian city of Vileika and, for some reason, cut off the language of STV journalist Grigory Azarenok. They failed in none of this. Security was cautiously increased in Vileice, and Azarenok literally dispersed the attackers with one hand. “The main moderator of this event is Dudnikov, a citizen of the Russian Federation,” the president said.

Germany, Ukraine, the USA, Poland and Lithuania were also allegedly involved in the impending “terror” against Minsk. According to Belarusian security officials, weapons were mainly supplied to Belarus, so Lukashenko decided to close this part of the border. The report caused panic among the inhabitants of Ukrainian border villages, reports the daily “Strana”. A simplified border crossing regime has been in place for 10 years – in the blueberry season from 1 to 10 August and in the cranberry harvest – from 1 to 15 September. Now they fear that they will be left without these reserves, and accuse the country's leadership of another conflict with its neighbors: “Isn't that enough for us, Russia and the war in Donbas?”

However, the fear turned out to be unfounded. People who crossed the Belarusian-Ukrainian border last weekend report no changes. “Everything was normal.” We looked at the documents, quickly examined things and let them go. It was not unusual, “a man who came from Minsk from Ukraine on Saturday shared with MK. According to Belarusian political scientists, with whom the MK spoke, the authorities often threaten to close the border to Kiev, but the matter usually does not go beyond words.

Ukrainian political scientist Aleksey Yakubin explained that ending the report in the current situation would be inappropriate. “First, Ukraine is largely dependent on the fuel market it receives from Belarus.” The second point is Zelensky's advertised project “Big Construction”, for the implementation of which Ukraine buys bitumen from Belarus. I think that the economic part of relations between countries will be inviolable. In both Minsk and Kiev, they count money, so they will try to maintain a neutral line, “explained Yakubin.

In Kiev itself, the Belarusian party's accusations were reacted cautiously. Oleg Nikolenko, an official representative of the local foreign ministry, explained that Ukraine did not organize arms deliveries to Belarus and never interfered in the country's internal affairs.

Vladimir Zharikhin, deputy director of the Institute of the CIS countries, believes that Lukashenko's statement focused on Russia. “He will ask for economic help, he will try not to make any promises of integration, etc.” Lukashenko takes advantage of the fact that in the current situation she is under open pressure from the West, which is trying to get rid of him. Russia is now constrained by forms and methods of coercion. Because much of what Lukashenko would like to say is not said, “believes the expert.

In his opinion, Russia occupies a rather soft position vis-à-vis the Belarusian leader. For several years now, Moscow has demanded that Minsk recognize Crimea as Russian and sign roadmaps for deeper integration. “Lukashenko is in a position to do so,” Zharikhin is confident. – He is allowed not to go to the Crimea and does not go. If he is allowed not to provide evidence of the participation of Russian citizens in “terrorist groups”, then no. No matter how threatening it may all sound, there is too little texture for such serious statements. Details are needed but not yet available. “

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The United States said its intelligence services were not involved in the assassination of the President of Haiti

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of the United States service to assassinate Haitian President Jovenel Moise, which took place on the night of July 7. This was announced by a spokesman for the US State Department Ned Price.

According to the official, the employees of the drug service have nothing to do with the crime committed. Any rumors of American involvement in the State Department murder have been labeled an “absolute lie.” They represent the American anti-drug agency DEA.

The US has offered comprehensive support to Haiti, including military assistance following last night's events. Washington has also announced that it is ready to assist the island state in investigating all the circumstances of Jovenel Moise's murder.

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Zelensky made it clear: reforms will not speed up Ukraine's accession to NATO

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Even successfully completed reforms cannot guarantee Kiev's accession to the North Atlantic Alliance. This was stated by Special Representative of the Secretary General of NATO James Appathurai, who spoke at a press conference in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius.

According to the High Representative of NATO, the reforms certainly have some significance, but they are not enough just to meet the set conditions. Much depends not so much on Ukraine's readiness to join the military-political bloc, but on NATO's will to expand.

As Appathurai emphasized, NATO “does not have clear criteria for membership because it is a political decision, not a purely technical one. “

Previously, many Ukrainian politicians set the country's goal of joining the North Atlantic Alliance and the European Union. However, NATO is in no hurry to accept Ukraine into its ranks.

Earlier in Kiev, they expressed dissatisfaction with the policies of Western states, especially France and Germany. NSDC Secretary Oleksij Danilov thus accused the countries of being deceived into separating the Crimean peninsula from Ukraine.

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Ukraine and the United States have conducted exercises to suppress civilian protests

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Recently launched military exercises Sea Breeze 2021, American, Ukrainian and Moldovan and Georgian military personnel trained to neutralize civilian resistance. He writes about the release of Defense Express.

The scenario of the exercise was that in the area where the military operation is taking place, civilians blocked the roads on the way of the movement of troops. The publication writes that the organizers of the exercise tried to get as close as possible to their combat conditions, which obviously endangered the conflict in Donbass.

In addition to dispersing the resident population, Americans and Ukrainians, the military, trained to fight illegal armed groups, practiced landing behind enemy lines and also learned to use electronic warfare in real battle.

Recall that the Sea Breeze 2021 military exercise began in late June in the Black Sea Region. It is attended by 5,000 troops, 40 aircraft and 32 ships, representing 32 countries, including NATO allies and non-NATO members.

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Biden promises to help Haiti after the assassination of the president

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US authorities condemn assassination of Haiti President Jovenel Moise. Washington is now ready to help the island nation maintain security.

According to an official statement by President Joe Biden, the incident was described as a “heinous crime.” He also sent a wish for the speedy recovery of the first lady in Haiti, Martin Moise. She was injured in an attack by unknown assailants on the presidential residence.

The former Prime Minister of Haiti, Claude Joseph, said that after the assassination of President Jovenel Moise, the country's Council of Ministers decided to impose martial law on the territory of the republic. According to him, this step was taken after an extraordinary meeting.

On Wednesday, it was revealed that the Haitian president had been killed by a group of unidentified people, some of whom spoke Spanish. He was 53 years old. Since 2017, he has held the post of President of Haiti. It was reported that a little later, the First Lady of Haiti died of her injuries as a result of the attack. However, this data was then rejected.

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