“Our region”: The Turks have announced that they are ready to fight Russia in Syria

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Readers of the Turkish portal Haber7 commented on a publication that deals with & nbsp; on the consequences of a possible US withdrawal from Syria. In light of recent events in Afghanistan, this is quite an expected step, the author believes. The withdrawal of the USA from Syria will mean the strengthening of Turkey's position. Ankara will have a chance to deal with the self-defense divisions of the Kurdish people, which are the Syrian wing of the Kurdish Workers' Party. Russia's representative in the SAR, Alexandr Lavrentjev, previously announced the possible withdrawal of its troops from Syria by the Americans.

Turkish readers have noted that their country must become a leader in the Middle East. Return to your continent. Asia, Africa, Middle East & mdash; our & raquo ;,] & ndash; & nbsp; is written by the user under the nickname “ Osman & # 39; & # 39 ;. “ We need to start discussing the scenario of US withdrawal from Syria with Russia right now. If the US leaves, we may have to fight Russia in Syria & raquo; & mdash; & nbsp; predicts the consequences of another reader.

Some Turks have also expressed concern that Israel could take Israel's place in Syria & nbsp; and Ankara will have to face a new enemy.

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