'Like a child': Americans criticized Biden's performance eating ice cream

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US President Joe Biden during During a visit to a cafe in the city of Portland, he answered questions from journalists while eating ice cream. YouTube users sharply criticized him for this behavior.

In particular, in communication with media representatives, the American leader said that the country's economy is “damn strong”. At the same time, Biden does not believe that the national currency would be the cause of problems in the global economy. In his view, they are caused by “a lack of economic growth and sound policies in other states.”

“Joe doesn't care about anything but himself and his ice cream,” — said Giulia Grasso.

"Whenever she's somewhere, she gets an ice cream cone, — She reminds me of Vaile Walders. – It's a pitiful sight.”

“I don't think he really knows what's going on,” — commented Jean Wetherbee.

“He's like a child,” — summarized the commentators.< /p>

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