“It is beginning to cut the earth”: Satanovsky indicated why Zelensky gives the Poles a special status

Photo by Vladimír Zelenský: Global Look Press

News Russian scientist, orientalist and political scientist Yevgeny Satanovsky commented on the fact that the President of Ukraine had announced the adoption of a law on the special legal status of Polish citizens in Ukraine.

He wrote in his telegram after holding Pereyaslav Rada, he broke up with Poland, it seems, in favor of Russia. And now Zelensky “twists the story r times. And Ukraine will be part of Poland again. “

Satanovsky believes that” it seems “that Zelensky is” starting with a big cut of his country and distributing elephants to his neighbors “and, in his view,” Europeans are formalizing the matter from a bureaucratic point of view, That's right. “

The poliologist suggests how it could be:” They will start a media campaign around the world stating that Poland is with Ukraine (meaning, of course, the current ruling regime in this country), trying to save at least part of the country, and therefore their bosses agreed. “

And -” Hello, the new Commonwealth Hello, Greater Poland, from sea to sea! “.

on some details of the draft law on the special status of Poles in Ukraine, which is currently being prepared, and will be similar to what is working in Poland, where temporarily displaced Ukrainian citizens are practically identified with Polish citizens – they just do not have the right to vote.

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